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Sea Salt and Vaseline for Dry Lips

In the winter we often face the problem of the so-called “dry skin”. The cold weather is not in favor of our lips as well. When they are dry, little cracks appear which sometimes even bleed. But we have found a solution to your dry lips problem and believe it or not, this is the sea salt. Sea salt becomes ... Read More »

How to Remove Chin Blackheads

How to treat chin blackheads?

No matter how much effort you put into your look at one point or another you will face those awful blackheads. And they tend to appear also on the chin. Curing an awful thing from hell like that is not an easy thing to do. Sometimes you can just cover blackheads on the chin with makeup. But that is not ... Read More »

Rose Gold Smokey Eye for Every Day

There just must be a smokey eye look that works both for day and night. You all know there are many options for the night look. But not as many for the day (our favourite is rose gold smokey eye). And I think every woman should know how to do a day smokey eye look. The one here that we ... Read More »

What Kind of Shoes to Wear According to Your Body Type

SHoes for tall women

There are people who say that a woman’s closet is never big enough to store all shoes that she has. Well, in some or even most cases this is true. A woman can never have just one pair of shoes, it is somehow impossible, because you will also need a few pairs of shoes for the different seasons. Well, if ... Read More »

That is What You Should Know About Wearing High Heels

High heels shoes

Unfortunately, high heels can be the trickiest thing ever. They could be your best friend, but usually the case is different. Firstly, they are your worst enemy and you hate each other. But in a while things usually change. You get to know each other and then you find out that it is not that bad. Then your heels become ... Read More »

Simple and stylish manicure with dots on spots

Every self-respected lady wants to look nice when it comes to her appearance. And as we all know – it is not only the good hairstyle or the perfect skin of your face that make you look amazing. It is the whole picture. By learning how to take a proper care for every single detail of your body by yourself ... Read More »

Bun hairstyles

Different types of bun

One of the favorite hairstyles for the ladies is the bun and it seems that no matter what happens it will never be old – fashioned. This is so because there are many ways to do your hair on the so called knot. On top of that this hairstyle is so good that you can use it in absolutely any ... Read More »

What Your Hairstyle Says About You

As with many things in our lives, like our color, food, style, and makeup preferences, our favorite hairstyle is one of the things that reveal part of our personality. It is not only what hairstyle looks good on us according to the shape of our face or our height, we have to feel comfortable in it, otherwise all of the ... Read More »

How to Brush Your Hair According to Your Hair Type

Long hair is a dream hairstyle to a lot of young women in the world. While watching a lot of animations with princes and mermaids with long hair, girls dream that one day they have such hair. But when their mothers try to comb their hair, they scream and run away. If you want gorgeous, mermaid-like hair, you have to ... Read More »