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How To Dress Like A New Yorker

New York or the Big Apple, the city that never sleeps… A lot of things have been said about this city. And only people who have been there can feel the great atmosphere of it. But if you want to be really part of the city, then you should learn how to blend in like a true New Yorker. And ... Read More »

Tutorial For Brow Shaping

Sometimes we come to this world with flaws. I’m not talking about diseases, I’m talking about beauty flaws, like problematic skin, lack of hairs in certain places, or excessive hairs on other places, too white, too dark, hooded lids or thin lips, there are so many flaws that I can’t even list them. But why we call these things flaws? ... Read More »

Which Greek Goddess Are You?

Women are special creatures. Many people claim that they are on this planet with a purpose. And how not to believe this when you see how many things a woman can do: women are mothers, daughters, sisters, they work, they protect their home and take care of it, in other words, they can do everything. A woman’s personality is so ... Read More »

How To Hide Under Eye Dark Circles

Sometimes you wake up and you find out that you look too tired and exhausted, like you haven’t slept for weeks. The most common causes of under circles are: Lack of sleep; Allergies; Eczema; Dark under eye circles run in your family and you can’t escape from your blood line; Pigmentation issues; If you rub or scratch your eyes. This ... Read More »

The Worst Foods To Eat At Night

You have probably heard a lot of things about eating at night and that it is not good. Sure, if you were a kid, you would just accept the fact, like some kind of order, but as a grown-up, people want the answer to the question “Why you should not eat late at night”. One of the first reasons is ... Read More »

Elegant One Side Ponytail

Recently I spoke to a friend of mine who is a man and he told me that he finds extremely attractive the ponytail hairstyles. He told me this: If she looks great with a ponytail, then she will look great no matter how she stylize her hair. So, this inspired me to show you a one-side hairstyle which looks both ... Read More »

What You Should Change in Your Food Regime Right Now

The healthy lifestyle trend is an incredibly discussed topic everywhere: on TV, radio, in magazines, in Youtube vlog channels, in blogs, lifestyle websites, etc. Everyone is excited about what regular exercises and correct eating habits can lead to: a beautiful, lean figure, flawless skin, better appearance as a whole and last but not least, less illnesses and a longer, happier ... Read More »

More Than Just a Half Updo

Sometimes the simplest hairstyles can look fancy and gorgeous. Today I want to show you how to make a half updo, but it is not so simple as it sounds. Follow the steps and make sure that you have these tools and products: Hair spray; Stylizing mousse; Thermal protector; Dry shampoo (if needed); Curling iron; Teasing comb; Hair brush; Bobby ... Read More »

Lazy Girl’s Guide to Work Out

When you see girls with great bodies on the streets or on social media, there is no way you just cannot start to envy them a little, especially if your body is not as fit as theirs. And what we start doing? We start dreaming about having the same bodies. Is this impossible? No, it is not, but it requires ... Read More »

Gorgeous Look For a Romantic Night

I know that I have to write about the hairstyle, because that was my first intention, but when I say the hair color of this girl I remain breathless. This color is my dream hair color, but unfortunately the reddish tones don’t suit my skin color. In fact, I wanted so much to dye my hair like this, but my ... Read More »