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Elegant Updo For Chic Look

Many events require elegant look. And elegant look can be achieved with a proper hairstyle, matching earrings and an outfit that will flatter your figure. Oh, and don’t forget about the makeup, it is an essential step, which is the finishing step that will fulfill your whole elegant look. Today I want to show you a hairstyle that is perfect for a ... Read More »

The Best Lingerie For Your Body Type

The lingerie industry is so big nowadays that you can find any item you think of, even if it dates back hundreds of years ago, for example corsets. You can find everything that you look for and probably something more. The advantage of this is that usually you may wear one kind of underwear that is comfortable, but on special ... Read More »

Nail Art Masterpiece

Let’s talk about nail decorations as artistic creations. Some people think that being a manicurist is something that you do because you hadn’t succeeded in some other profession. I think that this is a stupid opinion of stupid people. The girls (and rarely boys) who work as manicurists are in fact artistic people. They create masterpieces with the peoples nails. ... Read More »

Do That in Your 20s And Your 30s Will Be a Blast

Out 20s are the crazy times, we really get to live and experience much of everything. But we kind of have to remind ourselves that our lives should continue after our 20s and probably we should think about that, at least a little bit. There are some very simple things you can do right now in your life, that will ... Read More »

Warm Colors For Your Eyes

If you want to look good with makeup on your face, you have to know what suits you and what doesn’t suit you. This can be decided if you know well your facial features. If you are a beginner at the makeup application, you have to know a few simple steps, which will be your base, on which you will ... Read More »

Things Not to Do On a First Date

When you go out on a first date there are unwritten rules they you should obey. If you do not know them because of your lack of experience, for example. And then you start wondering why it went so badly. If you ask for an advice, most people, or the internet, will tell you what to wear, how to look ... Read More »

Glitter Nail Polish Remover

We all are girls and every girl love to look beautiful, no matter what she says. Often, we pay attention to every little detail of our look in order to create the perfect appearance, combined by many different details. Such a detail can be the nail art. We decorate our nails alone or we have them done at the beauty ... Read More »

Losing Weight Can Be Fun

It is probably every woman’s dream to eat as much as she likes and still does not gain any weight. Unfortunately, not many lucky girls have the chance to enjoy this privilege. However, it is very hard to satisfy both your urge for eating and your desire for a slim figure. Some people tend to torture themselves and stop eating ... Read More »

Plaid Shirt Inspiration

If you wonder how to decorate your nails, just open your wardrobe and use a pattern that you like to copy it tight on your nails. Today’s inspiration is taken from a plaid shirt. Take a look at the tutorial and make sure that your drawing brush is in your hand, because you will need to use it: The most ... Read More »