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How To: Tape Nail Decoration

There are many ways to decorate your nails. Today I want to show you an extremely easy way to wrap your nails into beautiful decoration. The word ‘wrap’ defines the method completely, because you will need a tape for nail decorations. So, take a look at the technique and if you like the final result, you should follow these steps. ... Read More »

10 Ideas on Maximizing Space in Small Apartments

Many people need in their homes both mirrors and some jewelry storage. And a full length mirror might actually take too much space in your room especially if it is a small one. The same applies to those beautiful jewelry boxes we all dream of owning. But there is a solution – you can always use the frame of your ... Read More »

How To Create Fancy Hairstyle in 6 Steps

If you want to learn how to create a fancy hairstyle all by yourself, you can start with this one, because it is easy and looks perfect for a formal occasion or some kind of special event. Take a look at the steps: Step 1 Brush the hair to the back, apply smoothing mousse in order to make the texture ... Read More »

Tutorial For Bold Smoky Cat-eye Lids

Your daily makeup is plain and all-the-same every single day. If you work in an office, you are obligated to look into a certain way, which doesn’t allow you to improvise with interesting and daring hairstyles, nail decorations, clothes and even makeup designs. Fortunately, we have our Friday and Saturday nights when we can experiment with new looks, designs and ... Read More »

Which Are The Most Creative Ways To Propose Marriage

Some people think that marriage is something outdated, but how will you explain the fact that some of the greatest memories in a couple’s life together are the wedding, the engagement and the marriage proposal. In fact, the whole marriage will be nothing if these three moments were not celebrated in the way possible. Every person has their own idea ... Read More »

Flawless Nail Art With Only One Dotting Tool

If you work with clients, you must maintain pleasant appearance and you must learn how to leave good impression, these characteristics are highly important for people who work as sellers. No matter how hard you try to deny it, the look is highly important these days. Today I want to talk about more specific detail that is highly noticeable when ... Read More »

How To: Chic Makeup For Fancy Occasions

Today I will show you how to apply makeup on small eyes. The tricky part about this type of eyes is that often they look even smaller when the makeup is put on. But if you know how to enhance certain areas with the proper colors, then you will have no trouble at all. So, let me show you these ... Read More »

The Items Every Working Girl Should Have On Her Desk

Nowadays every striving and successful woman should have a career, Unfortunately, that is one of the reasons why women spend most of their time in the office. Some of them come early and leave late so that they can complete their tasks on time. And if a person spends so much time in a certain place, they will need some ... Read More »

Let’s Celebrate Dance With America’s Favorite Dancer

So You Think You Can Dance is one of America’s favorite shows. This week we are celebrating 10 years of the show on screen. It is one of those things you start watching and immediately become hooked. And how can you not! The show has been filled with talents that leave us with no words. They have been doing tricks ... Read More »

Let Out Your Inner Goddess With This Makeup

There are some designs that will make you look like a true goddess. I’m not talking about a dress or shoes, I’m talking about the little details – accessories, hairstyle, nail art and makeup. Today I’ll start with a great makeup suggestion. The combination between the colors and the shape of the makeup is stunning and it reminds of ancient ... Read More »