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How To Match Your Hair With The Summer

When you wonder how to stylize your hair for the upcoming beach party, you should stop wondering right now, because I will show you a hairstyle that is inspired by the ocean – the seashell fishtail braid! Take a look at the steps and you will see how easy it is to create it all by yourself. Let’s get started: ... Read More »

Flattering Colors For Green Eyes

Every makeup design, that is different from simple eyeliner, must be flattered by bold and beautiful eyebrows. Well, this is only recommended for girls with thin, short and pale brows. But sometimes even the thick, long and dark brows need a beauty procedure, which requires tweezers and highlighter for the brow bone. So, today I am showing you a tutorial ... Read More »

How To Dress Like an Italian

Buongiorno, ragazze! Have you dreamed about visiting Italy some time soon? Well, me too! The food, the people, the scenery, the atmosphere, everything looks great there. Life is just sweeter there, not to mention fun. Italians know how to enjoy life, so when tourists go on vacation there, they just do not want to go home. Well, if you are ... Read More »

How To Flatter Brown Eyes

The brown colored eyes are not so difficult to be matched with different colors. Recently, I started to apply makeup on other people, except for mine, and I think that soon I will sign up into a class for makeup artists. And when I learn something new, I will share it with you, girls. So, today I want to show ... Read More »

Rock That 60s Look

Not all chignons are the same. Every period of time shows us different trends of chignons, which is a proof that the chignon is evergreen, only the shape and the design can change a little bit during the different time periods. Today I want to show you how to create a chignon, which is inspired by the 60s trend. Take ... Read More »

What Is Your Personality According To Your Favorite Makeup

Are you one of those women who love wearing makeup? We put makeup to hide some flaws or to look more beautiful and attractive. Some women even put makeup on when they want to look completely different, while others just want to be fashionable following the latest trends. But have you thought that putting makeup on can reveal part of ... Read More »

Smoky Lids With Brown Color

If you don’t like how the black color stay on your eyes, but you want to make a smoky makeup effect, you have to switch the color with lighter one. How about brown shadow? If your eyes are brown or green, they will be flattered by the brown colored smoky makeup. Take a look at the tutorial and follow the ... Read More »

Be Brave And Apply Bright Colors On Your Lids

Bright colored eye makeup designs are usually complex and they require many tools and products. So, let me show you every single step one by one and if you want to achieve this look, you should follow them. Here we go: I like to prepare the brows first, because they are an important part of the whole makeup. You can’t ... Read More »

Which Are The Hottest Reads This Summer

Summer is here and so are the summer vacations which we have waited for so long. You have probably already made plans for all the things you want to do in the summer, and most importantly the things that make you relax fully. Well, what better activity than getting some tan and at the same time to read an interesting ... Read More »

Tutorial For Ice Cream Chignon

As the summer is at its highest peak, we should get inspired by the environment around us to create different styles, designs and decorations. The nails must be flawless, the makeup must be flawless and the hair must be flawless as well. But don’t forget the skin as well. In fact, the sumer is the time when we are showing ... Read More »