Braided Bun On The Side


When you are tired of the ponytails and the half updos, you can always make a bun for the moments when you need your hair to be tied you can create a bun.

Down below you will find a tutorial for a one side bun. This hairstyle is elegant, chic and perfect for formal events. Take a look at the steps and try to make it if you like the way it looks on the model:

  1. First of all, you have to check the roots of the hair. If they are too greasy, the hairstyle won’t look as beautiful as you wish. Yes, the hairstyle is sleek, but the greasy roots by creating an ugly texture at the top of the head.
  2. So, fix that problem with a dry shampoo. It is easy to use. The dry shampoo comes in a bottle like the hair spray. It, also has to be spritzed on the hair. So, spritz several parts of the roots and rub the powder with your fingers into the skin until the oils disappear. Then brush the hair until the powder is no longer visible.
  3. So, the hair is clean, the roots are fine, now you have to take care of the texture of the hair. Earlier I mentioned that this hairstyle is sleek, which means that we will need the hair to be straight. If your hair is not naturally straight, pull it a little bit with the flat iron, but remember to apply a thermal protector before you treat the hair with the heat.
  4. Then tie the hair into a sleek, one side, low ponytail.
  5. Then braid the tail into a regular braid and before you tie the tail with a hair band, pull out the strands of the braid a little bit to create volume. Then tie the braid.
  6. Roll the braid up and around the hair band and secure with another hair band or bobby pins.


one side bun