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Burgundy Touch For Smokey Eyes

Burgundy Touch For Smokey Eyes

The Smokey makeup design is perfect for both a formal event and casual day. But you have to choose the right colors for the right event. If you want to make Smokey eyes for a formal dinner or night party, you’d better choose darker and more intense colors, but if you want to wear that design in a work day, pick up brighter colors from your eyeshadow palette.
But today I want you to pay more attention to the night makeup. Night events allow you to create more sophisticated designs, which are more intense, sassy, darker and heavier. But if you can’t think of anything yet, let me show you this smokey makeup, which is flattered by the presence of the burgundy color.

Take a look:

  • And as you expected, we will start with the main color – the burgundy. Take your liner brush and dip it into the eyeshadow. Contour the lid onto the crease area and create a flick at the outer corner of the lid. Then take a regular brush, or a blending one (but small), dip it into a beige color and smudge the burgundy line. Then top it with the burgundy color again and stop when you are satisfied with the coverage.
  • The burgundy line is great, but the center of the lid is still bare. You can fill it in with soft pink eyeshadow.
  • Blend in.
  • Apply just a little bit of the black eyeshadow at the outer corner of the lid.
  • Then contour the eye with thick black lines at the lash lines and create the cat eye effect by pulling the lines further away from the both corners of the eye.
  • Finish the whole look with a thick coat of mascara or faux lashes, it’s up to your preferences.
  • Keep in mind that this makeup design will make your eyes look smaller, so, if your eyes are naturally small, you’d better skip this eye makeup and find one that is more eye-opening. Enjoy!





  1. i love Mac. It’s the best hands down

  2. I would love to try MAC

  3. This looks awful!

  4. It’s not awful!!! I think it’s awesome if u have the eyes to pull this look off. I’m gonna try this.

  5. i am a huge fan of Mac products.. This is a little intense for an everyday look, but the blending is awesome!!!

  6. Can we just clarify that this is not a smokey eye, this is a version of a cut crease. The focal point here is to creat depth in the crease while simultaneously creating space on the lid. A smokey eye is a Gradual gradient from dark to light, usually monochromatic starting at the lash line. The “smokey” effect in this, is just blending.

  7. I think this is a very pretty look! For day time I think you should leave it how it looks before adding the black shadow, and for night the finished look

  8. Looks nice love it x

  9. I don’t like this makeup…the problem is the eyeliner,it’s too much :S

  10. i think it is very attractive. and if it makes you feel pretty, you should do it. and for all you opinionated na sayers that proaibly dont wear any make up at all because you think your too beautiful or too lazy to put it on, shut up and keep your opinion to your self. we have enough things in life making it hard to be a woman. we dont need to tear each other apart. we have men to do that. lol

  11. I think it looks really pretty and would love to be able to create this look

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