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10 Ideas on Maximizing Space in Small Apartments

Many people need in their homes both mirrors and some jewelry storage. And a full length mirror might actually take too much space in your room especially if it is a small one. The same applies to those beautiful jewelry boxes we all dream of owning. But there is a solution – you can always use the frame of your ... Read More »

Live Small, Yet Big

We all want to live in the ultimate apartment or house. Want it to be big and to have unique interior. And that can happen, it just can’t happen for a day. Building a home is a challenge. Especially if you are one of those people who need their home to have soul and exhort your own emotions. Other than ... Read More »

Unusual Photography Tips For Better Shots

If you are a beginner in the photography world, you’d better sit down and read all the tips I’m going to give you here. I’ll skip the light and settings lessons, I want to talk about the small things, which contribute to better shots, to more emotional shots, to your personal style and touch to be recognizable in the pictures. ... Read More »

Reading Book Designs For Limited Space

Unfortunately, some of us don’t have the pleasure to be owners of huge and spacious flats or houses. But no matter how big is your home, you can always get the maximum of it by using every space that you find appropriate for some project you want to achieve. For instance, reading nooks. You might think that there is no ... Read More »