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The Habits That Have Negative Effect on The Brain

Women know that if they want to look beautiful and young, they should take care of themselves. But applying the right beauty products, removing their makeup before going to sleep and getting their beauty sleep is not enough. If a person wants to lead a healthy life and to look attractive, they should begin the change from within. However, people ... Read More »

Is the Beach Actually Really Gross

Right now is the perfect time to attend the beach. It is summer, the weather is hot and is perfect for a nice swim in the sea or the ocean. And let’s not forget to mention the tanning at the beach. One of my favorite things in the world is the beach. I love being by the see and I ... Read More »

Save up From Groceries

We all want to have nice things, travel the world or invest. No matter what we dream of, we all need that extra cash. And do you know what, the first step is not into blaming the system or whatever, but it is more about looking at yourself. The people who live in the civilized world are kind of living ... Read More »

What Happens to Your Body When You Stop the Soda

You know and you heard that soda is bad for your health and body. But do you know exactly what happens when you stop drinking it. Not only that you will lose weight, but the functions of your body organs will increase their work and your body will feel better in many situations. Take a look at the reactions that ... Read More »

Loosing Weight by a Fruit Diet

With summer just around the corner it is time go get the body we want. Not that we are not all beautiful or something like that, it is just about giving yourself a boost of confidence. Slimming down a bit, just before hitting the beach and cleaning your body from everything that has clogged up trough the winter is amazingly ... Read More »

How To Be Healthier and Happier – Try With Meditation

Many people are not fond of meditation just because they are not sure what exactly it can bring them. Others think that meditation is for hippies who talk with the nature and keep repeating “ommm” (the sound that often makes them laugh). If you are one of these people, think twice. You should not only think about the way you ... Read More »

Do That in Your 20s And Your 30s Will Be a Blast

Out 20s are the crazy times, we really get to live and experience much of everything. But we kind of have to remind ourselves that our lives should continue after our 20s and probably we should think about that, at least a little bit. There are some very simple things you can do right now in your life, that will ... Read More »

7 Things Face Mapping Can Tell You About Your Health

The term “face mapping” comes from China and it has been known for centuries. As its name suggests, this method divides the face into sections and these sections help find out if a person has health problems. Each section corresponds to a certain organ or a system. However, only trained professionals can be absolutely sure if a person has a ... Read More »

How To Beat The Before-Sleep-Concerns

Sometimes you are really tired, but you can’t fall asleep right after you hit the pillow. Why is that? There are two options – you are overloaded or think too much about your problems. When you concern a lot before sleep your sleep will be troubled and you will find it really hard to fall asleep at all. I know that ... Read More »

How To Be More Productive During the Weekend

During the week days we cannot wait for the weekend but when it comes we do nothing and these two days pass like the wind. Then on Monday we hear about our colleagues’ great time during the weekend or see our friends posting pictures on Facebook. And let’s be honest – we get jealous. We promise ourselves that the next ... Read More »