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Which Are The Most Creative Ways To Propose Marriage

Some people think that marriage is something outdated, but how will you explain the fact that some of the greatest memories in a couple’s life together are the wedding, the engagement and the marriage proposal. In fact, the whole marriage will be nothing if these three moments were not celebrated in the way possible. Every person has their own idea ... Read More »

Which Are The Hottest Reads This Summer

Summer is here and so are the summer vacations which we have waited for so long. You have probably already made plans for all the things you want to do in the summer, and most importantly the things that make you relax fully. Well, what better activity than getting some tan and at the same time to read an interesting ... Read More »

Here is How to Unbreak Your Heart

Broken hearts are the worst. I think that is the most cruel emotional state you can be in. I am not sure if for men is easier then it is for women, but I am sure that it is not nice. And as fast as you unbreak your heart the better. Once you can move on with your life and ... Read More »

5 Reasons You Should Leave Your Ex In The Past

After a long-term relationship, it is normal for people to suffer. It does not matter whose fault it was to end the relationship, it is still painful for both partners. After drinking too much alcohol or eating a lot of chocolate, everyone has their own ways to overcome the break-up, people often think about the possibility that they may get ... Read More »

Why You Should Not Date a Celebrity

Fame is something people want to have. Admit it, how many times have you dreamed about being famous and rich? Even if this is one of your goals, it happens to everybody from time to time. But there is also another dream that many girls from all over the world have, and this is to date a celebrity, some of ... Read More »

Hang You Love Locks Here

We have all been in love with the idea of going to Paris and hanging a love lock over the Pont des Arts bridge. Of course that is once we have our most beloved person with us. Many people have hung their love locks around the Paris bridged. Including David and Victoria Beckham. How cute is that? But those love ... Read More »

How to Have an Amazing Bachelorette Party

The summer is the season of weddings and everyone knows what this means – that you have to throw a bachelorette party as well. Sometimes these parties are even more fun than the actual wedding. However, if you really want your party to be really fun you need to organize it well and to avoid some of the most common ... Read More »