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Love life

Stop Believing the Myths About Relationships

  You have to get under someone new to get over someone old Who said that? Because it is kind of an absolute lie. Once a relationship of yours is ended people believe that you should have sex with someone (no matter who) in order to look past your failed relationship, great, but that can’t be it. No matter how ... Read More »

Why He Breakups When Everything Seems to be OK

We are a little bit spoiled when it comes to male psychology. We think that women are hard to get, but I personally think that men don’t run the marathon in the last positions. Often, men act like women. You ask him what is going on, and if there is something wrong, and he just says: “Nothing, I’m fine.” Well, ... Read More »

Things Not to Do On a First Date

When you go out on a first date there are unwritten rules they you should obey. If you do not know them because of your lack of experience, for example. And then you start wondering why it went so badly. If you ask for an advice, most people, or the internet, will tell you what to wear, how to look ... Read More »

Solutions That Can Save Your Relationship

There are probably very few couples in the world that does not have any problems at all. Or are there such ones at all? Actually, it is normal, and some people consider it “healthy” when they have problems to fix. Successful couples are those that have learned how to make compromises, how to listen to each other, and most importantly ... Read More »

Advice For All The Future Brides

A wedding day is as important as hell. After you plan the whole event you have to get down to business with your look. Because let’s face it – everyone is going to look at you. And you have to look your best and feel your best. But what does that mean? I guess there is no definite thing I ... Read More »

7 Things You Need to Sacrifice When You Find True Love

Every girl dreams of a love like in the fairytales, a love that can fight all the evil in the world and to last until the end of time. Well, people say that in real life there are definitely not such love stories, but there for sure are love stories that deserve our dedication. If you want your love relationship ... Read More »

Fresh and Fun Date-night Ideas You Will Both Like

You know when you go on a date you think that you had a great night, but you somehow are not sure whether your partner had also a good time. This is probably because when you are on a first date you still do not know your partner that well, so you still wonder whether it was the best idea ... Read More »

6 Dating Rules You Should Break as Fast as You Can

Dating has its rules as much as we do not like it. We just make it way too complicated than it should be. Guys and girls think too much about what the other person will think about them that at one point we lose our identity and try to be someone else. Here are top six rules you should break ... Read More »

5 Mistakes Women Make After a Break-up

Let’s be honest, at some point in our lives, we have made mistakes, especially when it comes to men. Break ups are always hard even if you were the one who wanted to finish things up. You just have spent a long time with someone, you did some things together, for sure you will miss him. In their desperation women ... Read More »