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Love life

Reasons Why You Should Skip Your Wedding

If you are the traditional romantic kind of girl, you have probably pictured your wedding day since you were a little girl, with the big, white dress, beautiful weather and the man of your dreams. In that case, the title of the article has probably scandalized you completely. But bear with us and read the following lines carefully. We are ... Read More »

The Things you Don’t like in Yourself, That Men Love

We are thinking that we have flaws. We don’t like this and that in ourselves. And that is kind of a normal thing. I guess probably all of the people are insecure about one thing or another. We girls tend to dislike things that we think men wouldn’t appreciate. And that is our biggest problem. First of all it turns ... Read More »

6 Signs That Your Boyfriend is a Womanizer

Who does not like handsome men? But dating such a guy can become a problem when it comes to faithfulness. Good-looking guys are often womanizers because they are aware of it and are pretty comfortable with the fact that women like them. But if you are not sure your man is a womanizer, here are some signs that will help ... Read More »

5 Reasons You Did Not Get a Second Date

You have been on a date and, of course, you friends start asking you how was it. You had a great time and you are sure that he will call you back for a second date. However, the days pass and you lose any hope. It is time to come back down to earth and face the truth: you are ... Read More »

Presents for Valentine’s Day – Better Than Flowers

Beautiful flowers are a good present for Valentine’s Day, but it is not the best. Flowers probably make women feel better and appreciate you, but it is better to put more taught into the present than rather just buying flowers – you can just gift her with those without any reasons. Not for valentine’s day. Another thing about the flowers ... Read More »

The Way You Sleep Together Says a Lot About Your Relationship

This article is for those who have doubts in their relationships. It is also for couples that lives in together. It’s about the sleep. Psychologists shares with us the secrets of the sleeping positions with your partner. You might think that your relationship is great, because you don’t fight, because you are always polite to each other and the days go ... Read More »

Signs that You Are with the One You Should Marry

Lots of women have the internal urge to doubt the quality of their relationship and compare it to those of their friends, for example. We are constantly being bombarded by different understandings of what the “perfect” relationship between a man and woman is. However, the truth is that there is no one way to define such harmony. Just like people ... Read More »

Take it Fast in The Relationship

Times are changing fast. In the past people learned each others last name, after a couple of dates or more. Nowadays we usually are first friends on Facebook (or another social channel for that matter) before anything else happens. Also before it was normal to fall in love and know it and say it out loud, just right after a ... Read More »

She Should Be Gifted Well for Valentine’s Day

Hey Guys, have you already got in your head the Valentine’s Day gift idea for your girl? If you love her you should think well about that. Dug into what she likes and what you both like to do together and get her something she will never forget! Chocolates and flowers – great! But you shouldn’t stop at that, because ... Read More »

How To Surprise Your Half For the St. Valentine’s Day

The time has come – the Christmas holidays are over and it is time to switch the Christmas tree with pink and red paper hearts, candles and stuffed animals, and the Christmas carols with Love songs in your playlist. The St. Valentine’s Day is coming. Prepare yourself. Originally, the Valentine’s day is the holiday of the love, but in some ... Read More »