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The Way You Sleep Together Says a Lot About Your Relationship

This article is for those who have doubts in their relationships. It is also for couples that lives in together. It’s about the sleep. Psychologists shares with us the secrets of the sleeping positions with your partner. You might think that your relationship is great, because you don’t fight, because you are always polite to each other and the days go ... Read More »

Your next destination … London

Once you go there you will always want to go back. London is not a place for every person to live at, but is a place where every person falls in love. Let’s start by saying two things – London is both having a great diversity, but yet keeping its traditions and history safe. Nowadays it is a multicultural crazy ... Read More »

Signs that You Are with the One You Should Marry

Lots of women have the internal urge to doubt the quality of their relationship and compare it to those of their friends, for example. We are constantly being bombarded by different understandings of what the “perfect” relationship between a man and woman is. However, the truth is that there is no one way to define such harmony. Just like people ... Read More »

The Most Romantic Places to Visit in 2015

There are some places in the world, which just scream for romance. It is just like they were built to be enjoyed by people who are in love. Those are places for kisses, for prepossess, for new, old or secret love. And those places are sacred. If you are already transferring to destinations that feel romantic for you, read along ... Read More »

Healthy Morning Habits

If you live the normal every person life you probably have very hectic mornings from time to time. It is tough to plan out your morning, but it is also a great idea to start the day well, so that everything after that is good too. To have it well, there are certain things you can do upon waking up. ... Read More »

Take it Fast in The Relationship

Times are changing fast. In the past people learned each others last name, after a couple of dates or more. Nowadays we usually are first friends on Facebook (or another social channel for that matter) before anything else happens. Also before it was normal to fall in love and know it and say it out loud, just right after a ... Read More »

The Beaches That Are a Must in 2015 (and on a budget)

After the holidays are gone, we all start dreaming of summer. No other reason, but what is there to wait for in the winter after Christmas and New Years? Nothing! You can only wait for the spring to start and then the summer, because let’s face it – everything amazing happens in the summer, probably on a beach! Going to ... Read More »

Simple Therapy For Glowing Skin

And when I’m saying ‘Simple Therapy’, I mean absolutely simple and natural one – Water. Often we deal with not so flawless skin as we expect. It is shedding, has acne issues or just looks pale and sick. The most perfect makeup for your skin is the healthy natural glow. We often spend too much hope and money on beauty products, ... Read More »

Great Foods To Eat During The Winter For Better Health

As the winter is here we have to limit the daily menu, because of the stagnancy and lack of movements. We hurry to get from the bed to the chair in the office and the other way around. We take the car to the office or taxi or the bus, but we limit out walks, which means that all the ... Read More »

How to Get the Perfect Look on Rushed Mornings

If women could wish for one magic beauty power, it would probably be to wake up with a flawless hairstyle and perfect skin in the morning…or to spend only ten seconds on great winged eyeliner. However, we all know that is not the case. Even for confident girls who feel comfortable in their own skin, the morning beauty routine is ... Read More »