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9 Things To Do Before You Die

There are probably a lot of articles that you have read about things that you should do before you die, but a few moments later you forget what you have read. So, if you want to remind yourself how precious life is and how many beautiful things are there in the world. Of course, it will be a little hard ... Read More »

Real-life Harry Potter Destinations You Can Visit

Even though the first of the Harry Potter books was published in 1997, 18 years ago, it is still very much popular today. Every other of the remaining 6 Harry Potter books was a huge success and people were queuing outside bookshops to be one of the first to buy the books. The kids that have grown up with the ... Read More »

5 Reasons You Should Leave Your Ex In The Past

After a long-term relationship, it is normal for people to suffer. It does not matter whose fault it was to end the relationship, it is still painful for both partners. After drinking too much alcohol or eating a lot of chocolate, everyone has their own ways to overcome the break-up, people often think about the possibility that they may get ... Read More »

The Top Three Cities to Visit Right Now

London I never believed how amazing a city can be until I visited London. It is this magical place that offers so much that I can’t even describe it all, if you give me a hundred pages to write on. It is the European NYC, but with much more history, nicer people and a more romantic version of it. The ... Read More »

Which Greek Goddess Are You?

Women are special creatures. Many people claim that they are on this planet with a purpose. And how not to believe this when you see how many things a woman can do: women are mothers, daughters, sisters, they work, they protect their home and take care of it, in other words, they can do everything. A woman’s personality is so ... Read More »

Lazy Girl’s Guide to Work Out

When you see girls with great bodies on the streets or on social media, there is no way you just cannot start to envy them a little, especially if your body is not as fit as theirs. And what we start doing? We start dreaming about having the same bodies. Is this impossible? No, it is not, but it requires ... Read More »

Why You Should Not Date a Celebrity

Fame is something people want to have. Admit it, how many times have you dreamed about being famous and rich? Even if this is one of your goals, it happens to everybody from time to time. But there is also another dream that many girls from all over the world have, and this is to date a celebrity, some of ... Read More »

What Happens to Your Body When You Stop the Soda

You know and you heard that soda is bad for your health and body. But do you know exactly what happens when you stop drinking it. Not only that you will lose weight, but the functions of your body organs will increase their work and your body will feel better in many situations. Take a look at the reactions that ... Read More »