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The Packing Problems All Women Have

When it comes to packing all women do it differently. Some have pre-sorted things they bring with them every time. They even have read to go outfits for every trip, depending on the season. And that’s us quite great. Other women though are a total disaster. Something you can’t imagine until you see if you are a guy. I am ... Read More »

Hang You Love Locks Here

We have all been in love with the idea of going to Paris and hanging a love lock over the Pont des Arts bridge. Of course that is once we have our most beloved person with us. Many people have hung their love locks around the Paris bridged. Including David and Victoria Beckham. How cute is that? But those love ... Read More »

The Most Beautiful Beaches of The World

I think there is almost no chance of a beach not being beautiful. With that said, though there are places that just take your breath away. Once you see them you just don’t believe what is going on. And that is quite fascinating. I think I live so that I get to go to the beach and explore the different ... Read More »

5 Productive Things To Do When You Have Spare Time

Everyone of us had these moments in their life when they had nothing to do. During the week we cannot wait for the weekend to come to relax and do whatever we want to do, but when the weekend actually comes we start wondering what to do, then lie all day in bed and when the new week comes we ... Read More »

How to Have an Amazing Bachelorette Party

The summer is the season of weddings and everyone knows what this means – that you have to throw a bachelorette party as well. Sometimes these parties are even more fun than the actual wedding. However, if you really want your party to be really fun you need to organize it well and to avoid some of the most common ... Read More »

Loosing Weight by a Fruit Diet

With summer just around the corner it is time go get the body we want. Not that we are not all beautiful or something like that, it is just about giving yourself a boost of confidence. Slimming down a bit, just before hitting the beach and cleaning your body from everything that has clogged up trough the winter is amazingly ... Read More »

Stop Believing the Myths About Relationships

  You have to get under someone new to get over someone old Who said that? Because it is kind of an absolute lie. Once a relationship of yours is ended people believe that you should have sex with someone (no matter who) in order to look past your failed relationship, great, but that can’t be it. No matter how ... Read More »

The Most Luxurious Holidays You Can Have

Luxurious trips and vacations are something many people lust for. There are all types of places you can visit and many different hotels and resorts you can attend. It turns out though that there are vacations, so expensive, that you can literally not imagine (or at least many people cannot). The world is full of over the top luxurious hotels ... Read More »