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Stay fit

Lazy Girl’s Guide to Work Out

When you see girls with great bodies on the streets or on social media, there is no way you just cannot start to envy them a little, especially if your body is not as fit as theirs. And what we start doing? We start dreaming about having the same bodies. Is this impossible? No, it is not, but it requires ... Read More »

Losing Weight Can Be Fun

It is probably every woman’s dream to eat as much as she likes and still does not gain any weight. Unfortunately, not many lucky girls have the chance to enjoy this privilege. However, it is very hard to satisfy both your urge for eating and your desire for a slim figure. Some people tend to torture themselves and stop eating ... Read More »

Super Easy Diet Tips You Must Try

There are people who are constantly on a diet. They starve and they forget about everything and start eating whatever they could find. Other people try a new diet and when they do not see the results in a week they just give up and think that diets do not work for them. The truth is that both of these ... Read More »

9 ways to Tighten Your Skin After Weight Loss

After you have gone through a rough diet, you are finally happy because you have reached the weight that you have desired for a long time. You look at the mirror and you are still not satisfied with what you have accomplished. And that is not because you still think there are some extra pounds you need to lose, but ... Read More »

What is The Best Diet For You

Losing weight is almost every woman’s goal, even if she is as thin ass stick she still tries to lose a pound. Every goal has a possible solution, so diets were invented for people who want to lose some weight or for those of them who just wanted to live a healthy life. Atkins, Scarsdale and Slim-Fast is just some ... Read More »

How to Exercise at Work

Nowadays is very hard to find time for everything. We work ourselves out into exhaustion and we barely have free time. And with only one weekend in a week how is possible to do everything we should do in our spare time, like to for a coffee with our friends, have some time with our boyfriend, have a lunch with ... Read More »

How Do Celebrities Lose Their Weight?

Do you wonder how celebrities are always in perfect shape? They always look as if they do not have any flaws,especially when it comes to their bodies. And this is really their job – to look perfect. Since they can do it, why not we also? Here are some of the celebrities’ secrets revealed. And if you try them, you ... Read More »

Lose Weight from Your Thighs

I often say that losing weight and getting tight and toned is a decision that you have to make all by yourself. Don’t let your boyfriend or mother have a part in your decision about the change of your lifestyle. You have to do it if you are not feeling all right with your body, not if someone else is ... Read More »