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Stay fit

You Can Workout Even if You Are a Bit Lazy!

One of our favorite lifestyle trends among contemporary society is indeed being fit, eating healthily and working out. The benefits of this lifestyle are numerous: not only will you look better and be more attractive, but also be more confident about yourself which can result in more success and achievements in other areas of your life. Also, maybe the most ... Read More »

Foods That Burn Down Fat

Burning down fat is not all about sport. It is about the way you live in a way. But getting a little (or much) exercise matters if you combine it with foods that burn down fat. Yes, there  are different kinds of things that you can include in your meal, that can help you lose those couple of last pounds ... Read More »

Clear Your Body In 10 Steps

At the beginning of the New Year, your body needs total clearing program for boosting up your mood and look. Such a treatment will help you return your inner energy and happy thoughts. It will also remove the toxins which are responsible for the winter blues and depression thoughts. And as a bonus, you will lose a few pounds. I ... Read More »

How To Fake Slimmer Body

We often wish for bodies just like the bodies of our favorite celebrities, but often it is hard to find time for the gym when you are working, studying, taking language class and have a boyfriend. Which automatically reorganizes the constant periods of meals, because one of the healthiest ways to stay fit is to eat regularly, every day at the ... Read More »

More Walking, Less Sitting!

Nowadays our jobs are mostly based in offices or at home or something like that. Which leads to living a life while in a sited position. Sitting more than doing any activity is not good for your body. It is unhealthy. Leads to overweight and illness. Also bad posture comes from sitting the wrong way. According to Canadian researchers sitting ... Read More »

Why You Burn More Calories When You Exercise Outside

Have you ever noticed when exercising outside that you burn more calories? Do you think that’s possible? Why do you really burn more calories when you’re outside rather than at home or at the gym? I am going to answer these and many more questions below: One of the more obvious reasons why you burn more calories outside is the ... Read More »

Topic Taboo: Weight Gaining

Society talk a lot about weight loss, but we rarely discuss the other problem – weight gaining. There are a lot of people who are incapable of gaining any body weight and there are a lot of people who doesn’t know how hard it is to try to gain any weight. You know that it is not polite to tell ... Read More »

What To Wear For Running In Any Weather

  Running is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to lose weight and stay healthy and the best part of it is that you do it outdoors (which is especially pleasant in the spring or summer). When you go running you not only stay in shape, but you can concentrate and be on your own for an hour or ... Read More »