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9 Things To Do Before You Die

There are probably a lot of articles that you have read about things that you should do before you die, but a few moments later you forget what you have read. So, if you want to remind yourself how precious life is and how many beautiful things are there in the world. Of course, it will be a little hard ... Read More »

Real-life Harry Potter Destinations You Can Visit

Even though the first of the Harry Potter books was published in 1997, 18 years ago, it is still very much popular today. Every other of the remaining 6 Harry Potter books was a huge success and people were queuing outside bookshops to be one of the first to buy the books. The kids that have grown up with the ... Read More »

The Top Three Cities to Visit Right Now

London I never believed how amazing a city can be until I visited London. It is this magical place that offers so much that I can’t even describe it all, if you give me a hundred pages to write on. It is the European NYC, but with much more history, nicer people and a more romantic version of it. The ... Read More »

The Packing Problems All Women Have

When it comes to packing all women do it differently. Some have pre-sorted things they bring with them every time. They even have read to go outfits for every trip, depending on the season. And that’s us quite great. Other women though are a total disaster. Something you can’t imagine until you see if you are a guy. I am ... Read More »

Hang You Love Locks Here

We have all been in love with the idea of going to Paris and hanging a love lock over the Pont des Arts bridge. Of course that is once we have our most beloved person with us. Many people have hung their love locks around the Paris bridged. Including David and Victoria Beckham. How cute is that? But those love ... Read More »

The Most Beautiful Beaches of The World

I think there is almost no chance of a beach not being beautiful. With that said, though there are places that just take your breath away. Once you see them you just don’t believe what is going on. And that is quite fascinating. I think I live so that I get to go to the beach and explore the different ... Read More »

The Most Luxurious Holidays You Can Have

Luxurious trips and vacations are something many people lust for. There are all types of places you can visit and many different hotels and resorts you can attend. It turns out though that there are vacations, so expensive, that you can literally not imagine (or at least many people cannot). The world is full of over the top luxurious hotels ... Read More »

7 Special Places You Must Visit in Italy

For many years it has been known that Italy is a country where pleasure is highly venerable. The Italians have great food, wine and beautiful people and they know how to treat each one of them – with respect. Italy is a great country worth visiting no matter what the season is. There are so many places a person should ... Read More »

7 Places Where You Will Lose Track of Time

Traveling is something that every most people like to do when they are tired of their everyday lives or just want to relax and be in the company of their loved ones. If you really want an escape from everything that happens in your life at the moment and to find a place that you would not want to leave, ... Read More »