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7 Tips for How to Find Cheap Flights

When you go on a holiday you need a perfect organization so that later on you can just relax and enjoy your time. One of these organizational undertakings is booking a flight. You probably think that this is an easy job, but when it comes to money it is not so much. What flights to book? In what time of ... Read More »

12 Jobs for Travelers

If you are one of those people, who can’t stay in one place more than 20 days, or just need to change the environment (and again, and again), here is a list with jobs, which include a lot traveling or they just give the opportunity to practice them from all over the world. Check them out: Foreign language teacher. The ... Read More »

Packing list: what to leave and what to take

There are two types of people – the wanderlusts and the ones that just prefer the safety and comfort of their home. If you are one that constantly dreams about travel, plans and actually goes places you probably know the thrill of waiting for an adventure to come and the fuss around packing and arriving. The truth is it is ... Read More »

How to Make Money to Travel The World

If you are one with a wanderlust heart, the only thing you live for and want in life is to travel. And I am quite sure, that every chance you get, you just go. People with lust for travel experience and wandering, don’t really have attachment to home and places or work experience. As I said, they only want one ... Read More »

Next stop: Sydney

We’ve already mentioned Sydney as an interesting travel destination earlier in our site. Sydney is the city of beautiful sunsets, water, fresh air and amazing things to do. If you come from a different continent, the flights and all the travel might exhaust you, but you will never regret going the extra miles. Once you come here, you leave your ... Read More »

5 Birthday Freebies

If by any chance you are not home on your birthday, do not sulk in the corner because you are not with your family or friends. Just imagine how different and interesting can be this day. You probably won’t experience such thing on your special day ever again. And since it is your birthday you should treat yourself with what ... Read More »

Exotic Destinations to Visit

Exotic destinations always has meant something more for people who are adventurous and love to travel. Wanderlust is kind of this tingly feeling I your stomach and head, just like when you are in love, that doesn’t ever stop. And the more you travel, the more you get it. European or cities in the USA are great and the experience ... Read More »

Top 10 Destinations For Your Big Day

When we were little girls fairy tales were true for us. The prince came on his white horse and saved us from the enchanted castle we were captured in. Of course, this was in our imagination but we believed this will happen. Years passed and we stopped believing in magic. But there is one day in our lives we start ... Read More »

Your Next Destination … Barcelona

The beautiful city of Barcelona is laying in Catalonia. It is a historic center and is visited by thousand of travelers every year. As a whole Barcelona has a lot to offer – churches, beaches, beautiful parks and much more. Since the city is build under the influence of the Romans, you could only imagine how beautiful the architecture is. ... Read More »