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Your next destination … London

Once you go there you will always want to go back. London is not a place for every person to live at, but is a place where every person falls in love. Let’s start by saying two things – London is both having a great diversity, but yet keeping its traditions and history safe. Nowadays it is a multicultural crazy ... Read More »

The Most Romantic Places to Visit in 2015

There are some places in the world, which just scream for romance. It is just like they were built to be enjoyed by people who are in love. Those are places for kisses, for prepossess, for new, old or secret love. And those places are sacred. If you are already transferring to destinations that feel romantic for you, read along ... Read More »

The Beaches That Are a Must in 2015 (and on a budget)

After the holidays are gone, we all start dreaming of summer. No other reason, but what is there to wait for in the winter after Christmas and New Years? Nothing! You can only wait for the spring to start and then the summer, because let’s face it – everything amazing happens in the summer, probably on a beach! Going to ... Read More »

The Places to Visit in 2015

The world has unbearably many places to offer. If your start thinking about your country and how many interesting places you have yet to check out. And then think about the continent and back to the whole world. When we decide where to go we most certainly must do our research and know where the cool kids go. Every year ... Read More »

The 6 Most Luxurious Mountain Resort in the USA

– St. Regis Deer Valley, Utah It is a classic resort in the base of Wasatch Mountain. It offers one of the best spa treatments in the country and you can’t dream of a better place for hot outdoor pools and tubs. There is a terrace from which you can enjoy the amazing view of the snow glazed mountains. What ... Read More »

Alternative Destinations For American Travellers

New year-new beginning. Probably you have already prepared your resolutions list for 2015. Dalai Lama says: “Once a year go someplace you have never been before”. And, let’s face it, we have no objections against it. But the question is “where”. It has to be something that we have not been before but still you to be able to afford ... Read More »

7 best places to travel to in 2015

‘Wanderlust’ – a strong desire or urge to wander or travel and explore the world. I guess all of the wander luster out there recognize their selves in that meaning. If you love or travel and that is all you want to do, you just make everything possible to happen. Every new place is a new chapter in your life ... Read More »

Small Towns in Europe Worth the Trip

Whether you love the beach or the mountains, Europe holds for you all you can ask for. It is known for cosmopolitan cities like London, Paris or Berlin. But actually the oldest continent of them all has some hidden treasures. Some of the smallest towns around the continent hold the most amazing landscapes – colorful, charming, filled with people who ... Read More »

Christmas Vacation in the Alps

What better than to enjoy a well deserved rest after a hard working year, full of stress, tension and tiredness? Christmas is a holiday, it is important to be with your family, no matter where you are. The Alps are a destination which beauty enchants every tourist. Cozy hotels, snowy atmosphere, delicious and varied cuisine are the key factors for ... Read More »

Best Winter Vacation Spots

Christmas is almost here and we have to start thinking of places where to spend it! I think that you would agree with me when I say that the best place to spend your winter vacation is somewhere sunny and hot! That‘s why I am going to share with you some of the best winter vacation spots that will make ... Read More »