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The Importance Of The Brows

You would ask: why is it so important to color your brows? Well, it is pretty clear why you need to shape and color your brows when you simply see the picture down below. It is obvious that the brows are too pale and thin to match the bold liner. Sometimes it is Ok to skip the coloring of the ... Read More »

Tutorial For Brow Shaping

Sometimes we come to this world with flaws. I’m not talking about diseases, I’m talking about beauty flaws, like problematic skin, lack of hairs in certain places, or excessive hairs on other places, too white, too dark, hooded lids or thin lips, there are so many flaws that I can’t even list them. But why we call these things flaws? ... Read More »

Lovely Eyebrows

I know that it gets pretty annoying to remind you every time to take care of the brows, but you have to create a habit, especially when your brows are thin and hairless. Let me show you how to shape and color your brows. But first, gather around these tools: Flat angled brush; Proper color for the brows; Highlighter; Tweezers; ... Read More »

No More Makeup for Your Brows

The trend of the big, bushy and bold brows is well known. It is not only well known, but it is also highly followed by all the girls I know and meet. The delicate moment with this trend is that not all girls have natural bold and bushy brows, which leads to shaping and coloring them. It is not a ... Read More »

How To Color Your Brows Permanently 

If you get too anxious about the constant shaping and filling with color your thin brows, you might find this article interesting and helpful. I’ll show you an alternative way for coloring brows, which will last at least for a month – dye your brows. One of the most harmful and easy way to color your brows is to use ... Read More »

How to Grow in Your Eyebrows

Let’s be honest, everyone has made brow-shaping mistakes. The worse thing is that you pull one hair and the whole shape of your brows is ruined. Some of us, well, I know of a girl, have this strange habit – they love to pluck their brows when they are nervous. When they realize what they have done, it is too ... Read More »

 Fix The Mistake With Some Color

Sometimes we make beauty mistakes, like squeezing too hard a pimple, which causes a redness, or we draw a smudgy eyeliner and other. The mistake is nothing to worry about, because often we have the ability to fix that mistake. Let’s talk about eyebrows. If you over-pluck the brows, or just don’t like the  shape of your natural brows, you ... Read More »

Eyebrows Shaping Tutorial

A few years ago the eyebrows weren’t so important, but now we are crazy about shaping the perfect eyebrows. You might think that the brows don’t need to to be colored, and you might think that they are visible enough, but that is wrong. After you are done with the foundation and the powder, be sure that the brows will ... Read More »

How to Fill in Your Brows for a Great Look

The rising of thick, bold eyebrows has become a huge mania in the fashion world and the trend has made its way in the everyday looks of women too. Cara Delevigne has definitely played a huge role in the promoting of this look, there is no doubt. However, we have seen lots of girls doing it wrong and getting the ... Read More »

How To Fill in Brows

Imagine the perfect face: Proportional facial features, soft and smooth skin, nice shape of eye, plump lips, just flawless. Now imagine again this perfect face, but with a bushy, unshaped, with sticking out hairs eyebrows. The whole picture is ruined, because the frame of the picture isn’t matching its beauty. We want to avoid such a bad impression of your beautiful face. ... Read More »