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Face care

How to Remove Chin Blackheads

How to treat chin blackheads?

No matter how much effort you put into your look at one point or another you will face those awful blackheads. And they tend to appear also on the chin. Curing an awful thing from hell like that is not an easy thing to do. Sometimes you can just cover blackheads on the chin with makeup. But that is not ... Read More »

Oil-free Skin in The Summer? Mission Possible!

Different types of bun

Longing for your summer vacation and imagining that everything would be perfect when the time comes, does not always happen. Due to the summer heat our skin begins melting. Well, ok, just sweating, but it feels like melting, which is extremely irritating. There is still some good news, there are some techniques, which you should learn in order to solve ... Read More »

Perfect skincare: Sugar vs. Salt

  Sugar and salt are two complete opposites when it comes to taste, although they look very much alike. They both are crystalline substances with white color. And sometimes you can mix them up and put some salt in you coffee or tea, and put a little sugar in your meal. The good thing is that outside of kitchen they ... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Whiteheads?

Looking flawlessly is not only about having great makeup that covers our face and the flaws it has. If you want to look great, you have to start from the roots of the problem. In other words, you should cure and not cover up the problem. Do not worry, everybody with perfect skin has started from somewhere and did not ... Read More »

Eyes Issues During The Winter

You know that the eyes are one of the most delicate area of a human face. Which automatically leads to the well known fact that you must  take more special care for your eyes. And you should take even better care when you live in four-season location, where the Winter is in town right now. The cold, snowy season is ... Read More »

The Best Version of You Without Any Make up

Women tend to think that being beautiful is all about clothes and make up. And probably sometimes we have to go to the extreme and make art on our faces. But actually it is way tougher and time consuming to look good with make up rather than without. It actually is better if you forget about putting on those loads ... Read More »

How To Take Care Of The Eyes Area Skin

The skin around your eyes is extremely delicate and requires a lot of special care and treatments. These special cares and treatments are needed because the skin around the eyes is thinner than the skin of the rest of the face. There are certain treatments for removing puffiness, dark circles, wrinkles. You also can’t moisturize it with any type of ... Read More »

Take Off Everything You Don’t Need

We all enjoy make up and the way we look with it. WE love buying and trying new products and we stash it neatly. But there are a few downs to everything connected to make up – it is not easy at all to remove it. There are often struggles with waterproof mascara or glitter nail polish and stuff like ... Read More »

Cocktail Party Makeup

I want you to picture this scenario: You have in your calendar a cocktail party event for tonight. The starting time is at 8 p.m. and you have a whole free day. That’s why you have decided to read a book. Suddenly you wake up and you realized that you fell asleep while you were reading. The time is 6 ... Read More »

Tricks For Having Flawless Skin

Everybody wants good skin but unfortunately not all of us have it. Even if we have some flaws on our skin we can hide them with makeup. But it will be great if our skin is flawless and we don’t have to worry if somebody sees us without are makeup on. So, what are the things we can do to ... Read More »