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Face care

How to Conceal Under Eye Circles

If you are one of those girls that is always on the go, has a fast life and of course never gets enough sleep, no matter how much she sleeps, you probably have met the problem under eye circles. Those are a hell we all hate. No matter how flawless as a whole our face and skin looks you can’t ... Read More »

What to Consider When Choosing Eye Cream

Skincare is the true foundation of beauty and women should not forget that. No amount of makeup is enough to hide unhealthy, problematic skin. Besides, it is better for your self-confidence and even happiness to wake up, look at the mirror and see your beautiful face. That is why it is far more important to invest in good-quality (that does ... Read More »

How to Prevent the Appearance of Blackheads

These annoying little monsters, the blackheads, can ruin your whole face, even when you have got rid of dark circles under the eyes, redness and anything else. They are small, painful blemishes that look like tiny black dots on inflamed skin. What causes them is excess dirt, oil and debris that clogs your pores. There are expensive, complicated treatments that ... Read More »

Skin Care – Prepare The Canvas

I know that you like to make yourself beautiful by using makeup products, and that’s great, but do really think that this is the best way to treat your skin and to achieve perfection? I’m sure you know that having a beautiful face isn’t only about the great foundation and gorgeous eye makeup design. Before anything else, you should prepare the ... Read More »