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Bun hairstyles

Different types of bun

One of the favorite hairstyles for the ladies is the bun and it seems that no matter what happens it will never be old – fashioned. This is so because there are many ways to do your hair on the so called knot. On top of that this hairstyle is so good that you can use it in absolutely any ... Read More »

What Your Hairstyle Says About You

As with many things in our lives, like our color, food, style, and makeup preferences, our favorite hairstyle is one of the things that reveal part of our personality. It is not only what hairstyle looks good on us according to the shape of our face or our height, we have to feel comfortable in it, otherwise all of the ... Read More »

How to Brush Your Hair According to Your Hair Type

Long hair is a dream hairstyle to a lot of young women in the world. While watching a lot of animations with princes and mermaids with long hair, girls dream that one day they have such hair. But when their mothers try to comb their hair, they scream and run away. If you want gorgeous, mermaid-like hair, you have to ... Read More »

Knotted Hairstyle For Long Hair

If you have long hair, you must take advantage of this benefit. You can do this by teaching how to create different hairstyles. This is an important step because eventually you will get tired of the heavy length of your hair, which will lead to bad thoughts of cutting your hair. And if you cut your hair, you will regret ... Read More »

Blake Lively Inspiration For Hairstyle

Every ordinary person has at least one favorite extraordinary other person – a celebrity. It doesn’t matter if this fav-buddy is an actor, a politician, a singer, etc. Admit it, you have someone in mind right now. For me, this is Blake Lively. She is an American actress, model and celebrity homemaker. I know her from the show Gossip Girl ... Read More »

How To Create Fancy Hairstyle in 6 Steps

If you want to learn how to create a fancy hairstyle all by yourself, you can start with this one, because it is easy and looks perfect for a formal occasion or some kind of special event. Take a look at the steps: Step 1 Brush the hair to the back, apply smoothing mousse in order to make the texture ... Read More »

Double One-Side Braid

The one-side ponytail is a great hairstyle, but today I will show you how to upgrade this ponytail a little bit. Take a look: Brush the hair to one side and divide into two equal parts. Set away one part with a hair clip. Split the rest of the hair into a simple braid. Slightly pull out the strands of ... Read More »

5 Reasons your hair Not to Look Flawless

Women are connected to their hair in such a deep level that they do not even realize it sometimes. When “accidentally” their hairdresser has cut more of their hair than they have expected, many women start crying, probably because they feel like part of their femininity has been taken away from them. But if we have to be honest, having ... Read More »

This Hairstyle DOESN’T Require Bun Sponge Maker

Who says that you need special equipment for your favorite bun hairstyle. I like to browse in Pinterest or in the other beauty magazines because I get inspired to come up with different techniques and ideas for our daily beauty routine: hair, makeup, clothes, accessories and nail decorations. Today I will show you how to make a puffy bun without ... Read More »

4 Steps For Elegant Chignon

The easiest way to escape from the heat during the hot summer days is to tie your hair. But the fact that your hair will be tied up doesn’t mean that it has to look ugly. There are many (and different) beautiful, fancy and elegant hairstyles for lifted hair, just like the double bun updo down below. The great part ... Read More »