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Reversed Twist For Gorgeous Chignon

You know that there are many different types of hair and we have to take the proper care of the hair according to its type. If you have dry hair, you should wash it too often and if  you have greasy hair, you have to make appropriate hair masks in order to reduce the production  of so much skin oil, ... Read More »

How To Fake a Braid

I think that the Internet is ruining the business of some people, for instance, the hair stylists. We learned how to make certain hair designs, which were unable to have unless we visit the hairstylist, but these skills are very important and they become really handy when you run out of time and money, but you still have to go ... Read More »

Make Your Hair Look Enormous With This Hairstyle

Admit it, curly hair is extremely sexy. Those playful, dynamic curls draw attention and also, the view is pretty good. The curls suits almost every type of face. They soften the pointy cheekbones and flatters the round cheeks. And also, the curly hairstyles reminds of summer and careless moments. Let’s see how to achieve this effect if your hair is naturally straight. ... Read More »

Natural Straightening Hair Mask

In order to straighten your hair, you often use the flat iron.  Unfortunately, the heat of the flat iron is damaging your hair really harsh. That’s why many specialists recommend natural methods for getting straight hair. The following mask will smooth the flying hairs while flats the hair down. Take a look at the ingredients and the whole procedure: You will ... Read More »

Hairstyle Inspired By a Celebrity

The world is so old that we hardly can come up with an idea that hasn’t been already invented. Let’s not talk about huge stuff like technologies. Let’s start with the  simple stuff, like our look and style. You are a beautiful girl, who takes good care of her look, but the moment of the idea crises will come, if ... Read More »

Low Braided Bun

You, girls, often run out of time. And often you don’t know how that thing happened. The most logical explanation is that women have less than 24 hours a day than the men. I can’t really come up with another reason for us always being late. Fortunately, we have our little beauty tricks, which help us look great and be on ... Read More »

Cut Your Blow Drying Time

If you are like me – with hair which is mid-length, but very thick and full of like you probably hate your blow drying time too. If you are enjoying an evening at home after a tough work day  and have to wash your hair, probably are scared by the thought that you then will have to blow-dry that hair ... Read More »

Long Lasting Vintage Bouffant

Well, you know that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and you have to be prepared with a good look, great outfit and happy mood. It doesn’t matter in what kind of relationship you are, love is not only for boyfriends and girlfriends. You can show your BFFs that you love them as equally as your family. So, don’t make ... Read More »

Which Haircut is The Right One For Your Face Shape

There are some gorgeous haircuts which you want to try but some just don’t go well on you. They can make your face look bigger or smaller, sharper or longer, in other words, no matter how great is the haircut it just not the right one for you. The reason for that is your face shape. Long, round, or square, ... Read More »

Boost the Growth of Your Hair With This Homemade Recipe

The patience is not one of the strongest qualities of women. We find it strange and extraordinary to wait for something to happen, we always want the things to happen right now and right in the way we want them to happen. That’s why we often search for different ways of making out nails or hair grow faster. We spend ... Read More »