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Sassy Party Look

One of the best party looks requires the hairstyle down below. This hairstyle makes the face look longer and slimmer, which will contribute to the whole wanna-be-slim look, because every girl wants to look slimmer, no matter how thin she is. The volume at the top and the sleek sides are creating this effect of slimmer looking face. And if ... Read More »

Braided Awesome Chignon

Your hairstyle is highly important for the occasion when you want to impress your guests with a stunning look.  I want to show you an elegant hairstyle that will blow your mind away – the Braided chignon. Keep in mind that this is a complex hairstyle, contained by many steps and you’d better rely on someone else to help you ... Read More »

Party Look

My favorite party hairstyle is the top volume and the flat sides. The main reason is that this hairstyle makes my face look sexy and mysterious. It also elongates my face and makes me look slimmer at the pictures. Honestly, I can’t think of a single flaw of this hairstyle, except the combing of the hair afterwards, but this is ... Read More »

Elegant One Side Ponytail

Recently I spoke to a friend of mine who is a man and he told me that he finds extremely attractive the ponytail hairstyles. He told me this: If she looks great with a ponytail, then she will look great no matter how she stylize her hair. So, this inspired me to show you a one-side hairstyle which looks both ... Read More »

More Than Just a Half Updo

Sometimes the simplest hairstyles can look fancy and gorgeous. Today I want to show you how to make a half updo, but it is not so simple as it sounds. Follow the steps and make sure that you have these tools and products: Hair spray; Stylizing mousse; Thermal protector; Dry shampoo (if needed); Curling iron; Teasing comb; Hair brush; Bobby ... Read More »

Gorgeous Look For a Romantic Night

I know that I have to write about the hairstyle, because that was my first intention, but when I say the hair color of this girl I remain breathless. This color is my dream hair color, but unfortunately the reddish tones don’t suit my skin color. In fact, I wanted so much to dye my hair like this, but my ... Read More »

Fake Simple Braid

It is great to know how to make different types of braids, but not all girls are fluent in braiding skills. Don’t worry, there are many alternative ways to make ones hairstyle look like it is braided. For instance, I know two methods that are faking a braid: twist and ponytails. I will describe you both of the ways and ... Read More »

Article About Curls

Today I want to talk about curls. We will discuss different curls and how to achieve them, we will also talk about protection and tricks for better looking curly hair texture. We will talk also about natural curly hair and how to handle it, believe me, I know the struggle of having curly hair. Here are my tips and recommendations, ... Read More »

Heat-less Beach Waves

We were enjoying the summer already, but do you remember the beach waves trend from the last summer? Have you tried the look yet? If the answer is ‘No’ you have come at the right time in the right place, because I’m just about to show you a tutorial for making beach-wavy texture of hair. Take a look and follow ... Read More »

Curly Bun For Special Occasions

I like this hairstyle very much, that’s why I make it often, but until know, apparently I did it all wrong. Every time I curled my whole hair the bun looked different, because I didn’t know there was a trick to make the bun look equally good every single time. Here is how it’s done: Actually, the trick is quite ... Read More »