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The Ponytail Trend

I recently read an article about the ponytails. They will be a huge trend this year among the hairstyle. There are a few types of hairstyles that you shouldn’t worry about, because they are in the list of the trends. Take a look: Sleek ponytail. The mortal enemy of the sleek ponytail is the volume. When you create this type ... Read More »

Braided Crown Hairstyle

 The hairstyle of a woman is extremely important for her good looking appearance. You have to take extra care of the hair, because there are many factors that can ruin her shiny texture, strength and health at all. You have to be careful with the heating irons, curling and the flat ones. Protect the hair from the heat with thermal ... Read More »

Ready For the Summer

There is something wrong with the weather and I blame the global warming. Every season comes and go without notice, some of them even don’t come and some don’t go, but one thing is sure for now – the summer is here. I can tell by the color of the sky, the songs of the birds and the smell of ... Read More »

How to Get Along With Your Hair

Sometimes your hair is like a stubborn toddler. You want it to behave in a certain way, but it keeps on doing its business without listening to you and your needs. Imagine this is happening with your hair when you need to finish your work or when you need to look properly for an important business meeting. I have a ... Read More »

An Updo With a Twist

Have you usually wondered what to do with your hair? Sometimes some extravaganza won’t hurt you. Actually, it might be way more fun than you have ever imagined. Some occasions can let you experiment with both your hair and make up. And some looks give you the option to treat yourself wonderfully. At the end of the day our hair ... Read More »

Braided Ballerina Bun

Buns are easy to be made. Especially the messy ones. But there is just something special and lady-like about the ballerina buns. So next time you are wondering with your hair here is an idea, how to make the classic ballerina bun with a twist. Start by putting your hair into a high ponytail and secure with an elastic. Make ... Read More »

Are You Air-Drying Your Hair in The Wrong Way?

There are a lot of things a person can read about how to take care of their hair, but some of them are only myths, and others are simply wrong. At one moment you can get so caught up in all the things you have heard or read that you do not know what to believe in and you simply ... Read More »

An Elegant Chignon Bun

A chignon bun can work for your for many events. Since the wedding season is almost here it is a good idea for a hairstyle to pick for the next wedding that you are attending. This hairstyle is very suitable for mid long hair. It also works for long hair cuts, but you will need a little bit more support. ... Read More »

Hairstyle Of Your Dreams

Many girls wished to become princesses when they were little. Including me. It is natural, because of the fairy tales and beautiful dresses of the princesses. But once we are adults we start to ignore and block the desire of becoming a princess. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean that the dream of being a princess doesn’t come out eventually. The ... Read More »

The Best Hair Color for Women in Their 40s

 Young women can experiment like crazy with their hair. Different colors, shapes and effects are in order. Especially if you are in your 20s. Once you get older you have to be a little bit more considerate about your hair colors and experiments. In your 30s you are still in that phase where you can do a little bit of ... Read More »