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Makeup Tricks for Younger Look

Every woman beyond 30 years wants to look younger and fresher. This automatically leads to the conclusion that women always search for new methods and products to look younger. I think this is part of the biggest women’s dream – Stay forever young & Eat whatever you want without gaining weight! Today we will talk about the younger look and ... Read More »

Tutorial For Bold Smoky Cat-eye Lids

Your daily makeup is plain and all-the-same every single day. If you work in an office, you are obligated to look into a certain way, which doesn’t allow you to improvise with interesting and daring hairstyles, nail decorations, clothes and even makeup designs. Fortunately, we have our Friday and Saturday nights when we can experiment with new looks, designs and ... Read More »

How To: Chic Makeup For Fancy Occasions

Today I will show you how to apply makeup on small eyes. The tricky part about this type of eyes is that often they look even smaller when the makeup is put on. But if you know how to enhance certain areas with the proper colors, then you will have no trouble at all. So, let me show you these ... Read More »

Let Out Your Inner Goddess With This Makeup

There are some designs that will make you look like a true goddess. I’m not talking about a dress or shoes, I’m talking about the little details – accessories, hairstyle, nail art and makeup. Today I’ll start with a great makeup suggestion. The combination between the colors and the shape of the makeup is stunning and it reminds of ancient ... Read More »

How To: Dark Lipstick Application

If you want to apply dark lipstick, you should do it right, because the dark lipstick is capable of showing all the little flaws of your lips, for instance: dry skin and dry cuticles; cracked lips; blackheads on the borders of the lips; hairs on the upper lid; pimples; scars; redness; etc. You can hide and fix all these flaws ... Read More »

Silver Makeup with Dovetail Liner

If you want to make a gorgeous and chic makeup design, you should rely on the eyeliner. If you manage to draw the right one, you will be able to enjoy this great result that you want. So, let me show you a step-by-step tutorial, which will help you master the following makeup techniques: Preparing the lids for the makeup; ... Read More »

Casual Look With This No-Makeup Makeup Effect

I want to show you how to look amazing with makeup that is not noticeable at all. Take a look at the steps and follow the tips: The no-makeup makeup technique is great, because it hides the flaws and the problematic areas of your face, but at the same time you look like you don’t have makeup at all. Personally, ... Read More »

Flattering Colors For Green Eyes

Every makeup design, that is different from simple eyeliner, must be flattered by bold and beautiful eyebrows. Well, this is only recommended for girls with thin, short and pale brows. But sometimes even the thick, long and dark brows need a beauty procedure, which requires tweezers and highlighter for the brow bone. So, today I am showing you a tutorial ... Read More »

How To Flatter Brown Eyes

The brown colored eyes are not so difficult to be matched with different colors. Recently, I started to apply makeup on other people, except for mine, and I think that soon I will sign up into a class for makeup artists. And when I learn something new, I will share it with you, girls. So, today I want to show ... Read More »