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Classy Makeup For a Fancy Occasion

When you put on your lids more products than just a liner, you are obligated to put a primer before the application of the shadows, otherwise they will smudge and fade away, which will make your makeup ugly and this could ruin your whole look. Today I want to show you elegant makeup design, which can match your look for ... Read More »

Golden Dream For Your Eyes

As always, start your makeup application with a primer. This is an essential step, because the primer prepares the lids for the makeup products. This preparation will help the makeup last longer, because the primer prevents smudging and gathering of the makeup products at the crease.  You can use tinted primer, or oil-free concealer to prepare the lids too. Then ... Read More »

Fancy Eye Makeup For a Party Night

I know that you are a party girl. That’s why I want to show you this tutorial for a party makeup, because every party girl should know how to create a makeup look, appropriate for her party night out. First of all, you have to know how to play with the colors, because this is a tricky part of the makeup ... Read More »

Is it Time to Retire Your Old Make Up?

Let’s start honestly – we all have a huge pile of makeup at home. And we continue to buy both cheap and expensive make up all the time. Sometimes a drug store product for 2$ seems like something we will really love and use. And we pile them up. And although we sometimes change the stuff we don’t like with ... Read More »

Blue Sparkle Of Your Eyes

If you have colorful eyes, you have to learn how to enhance them with the right colors of eyeshadows. The easiest way is to copy the color of your pupils and transfer it on your lids into combinations with other color. Down below you will find a tutorial which is doing the exact thing that I just described. Take a ... Read More »

Make Up For Fancy Occasion

Some occasions require glamorous look. Glamorous look can be easily created with the proper makeup design. Today I want to show you an eye makeup for your party night. For sure this makeup is not appropriate for office look or day look, it is too sparkly, but the club lights will be a perfect match for your eyes if you ... Read More »

How To Hide Under Eye Dark Circles

Sometimes you wake up and you find out that you look too tired and exhausted, like you haven’t slept for weeks. The most common causes of under circles are: Lack of sleep; Allergies; Eczema; Dark under eye circles run in your family and you can’t escape from your blood line; Pigmentation issues; If you rub or scratch your eyes. This ... Read More »

Colorful Makeup

We all know that the summer makes us like the bright colors more. It is all because of the light. The sunlight makes the colors pop out. I have a friend with blue eyes and when the sky is clear and the sun is bright, her eyes sparkle like neon lights. Her whole look changes, her mood boost up and ... Read More »

Bronze Smokey Eye And Big Messy Lashes

The strong summer rays of the sun are already here and people have started thinking about their summer vacations, or some of them are already on the beach working for that gorgeous bronze tan we all want to have. Today we have prepared for you bronze smokey eye makeup tutorial to match your summer tan. It is very quick but ... Read More »

Barbie Doll Makeup Look

Most of the little girls play with Barbie dolls or any other kind of dolls, but the Barbie ones are famous too. I’m sure that you also had played with Barbie dolls when you were little. And now, that we are all grownups, we play with different toys – like makeup brushes, foundations, eyeshadows, mascara and other. And when the ... Read More »