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Big Eyes with Black Liner

The eye makeup is no longer something simple that you just do for 2 minutes. The eye makeup is a masterpiece now, you have to achieve many skills and ideas in order to create good looking makeup. And it is no all about the lids now, you have to take care of the brows, of the background (the coverage makeup), ... Read More »

Doll-Like Makeup

There are different makeup designs – some will make you look older than you are, but some others will make you look younger. I think that I prefer the second version of these options. Let me show you how to fake a younger look, not that you need it now, but you should know the design only in case, when ... Read More »

Boost Up Your Look With Nude Makeup

 Some girls don’t apply makeup. Hey, don’t be so shocked, I don’t apply makeup on my face too. I use it only for special occasions, like going out at the club, or important job interview, otherwise, I don’t apply makeup every day. But I know a lot about makeup techniques and trends. A huge trend these days is the nude ... Read More »

Smoky Makeup but Not Black

I found this gorgeous makeup tutorial and I feel the need to share it with you, guys. It is absolutely gorgeous and if your follow the steps one by one, I’m that you will be able to recreate it the same way. Let’s see the steps, which will guide us through the application of the makeup: Step one: Eyebrows. I ... Read More »

Ombre Juicy Lips

The makeup is an essential part of every girls look and the makeup plays a huge role about a girl’s self-esteem. Here is an example: Your skin is nice and smooth and you don’t need to apply too much makeup, but you are worried about that redness on your forehead, which looks like a baby pimple. We all know how ... Read More »

Blue Dreamy Eyes

First of all, I want you to pay attention to the brows. I’m sure that you have noticed that the bottom edge is way too precise and it is noticeable that the brow is strongly colored, which is not the purpose the brows coloring. The purpose of the brows coloring is to enhance them enough so they won’t fade away ... Read More »

Glamorous Eye Makeup

Always start with the brow when you want to make intense and bold eye makeup design. Outline the desired shape. The easiest way to choose the proper shape of the brow according to your face is to use the brow pencil as a guideline: Put the pencil alongside the nose vertically and see where the pencil crosses the brow – ... Read More »

Burgundy Look

A fancy lady like you, needs to know beautiful makeup designs for fancy look, because your calendar is full of appointments for business meetings, formal dinners, cocktail parties, etc., which requires proper look and attitude. I can’t teach you how to behave, but I can show you how to look amazing. You will need only a little makeup brushes, lipstick, ... Read More »

Is It Saturday Night Yet?

Saturday nights out just opt for a great make up. Blacks, smoky eyes and beautiful outfits are in order. The same applies to dancing. At least that is what my Saturday night is about. And a drink or two might be a good idea too, to shake off the stress from the work week. If you already have plans it ... Read More »

Smoky Eye Makeup for Beginners

 First, you should take care of the brows, if they are too pale. I bet that they need coloring, because the smoky makeup will make them pale anyway. So, a flat brush, a brow pencil and clean mascara wand will be your tools for coloring the brows. Oh, I almost forgot, you will need a highlighter too. After the brows ... Read More »