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Smooth And Juicy Lips

 We all know the recent challenge of Kylie Jenner. It is for bigger lips and works with vacuum. I think this is insane. Girls, please be careful, you can harm not only your lips, but your mouth and face too. There are other alternative ways (absolutely harmless and fixable) that can make your lips look bigger, fluffy and juicy. Such ... Read More »

Warm Colors For Your Eyes

If you want to look good with makeup on your face, you have to know what suits you and what doesn’t suit you. This can be decided if you know well your facial features. If you are a beginner at the makeup application, you have to know a few simple steps, which will be your base, on which you will ... Read More »

Highlighter Trick For Bigger Lips

Every girl has her vanity issue. No matter how beautiful you are, you will always want to look better and better. We all know the fairy tale of Snow White and how the Queen wanted to be the fairest of them all. These days, the girls have so many options to upgrade their look just the way they want. But ... Read More »

Gothic style – goth makeup and clothing secrets revealed

People who do not have much to do with the goth culture and fashion have some stereotypical associations about it. Of course, it usually brings up the image of dark or black goth makeup and just as dark and black goth dresses. There, however, is much more to it than what these people imagine. Goth makeup, goth fashion, goth shoes ... Read More »

Reverse The Colors of Your Liner

There are different makeup designs for different purposes. Today I will show you how to lift up your hooded lids with an eye makeup design: The trick is in  the colors, nothing else. For this makeup design you will need three colors – purple light shimmer, even lighter purple eyeliner or pencil and black pencil. The mascara is needed by default. ... Read More »

Makeup Tips for Ladies With Blonde Hair

You have heard that blondes have more fun. Well, this could be so, but blondes also need some tips that will help them look better. It is always good to play with different eyeshadows and colors, but they should also know what looks good on them and what transforms them into Plain Janes. Here are some of the most important ... Read More »

Classic Smoky Lids

Every girl should know how to put makeup on her face. I’m not talking about complicated designs, I just want you to be able to prepare a proper makeup for the different occasions in order to bring the best look of your face without the need of a professional help. So, today I will show you a step by step ... Read More »

Makeup Design For a Party Night

Not every makeup design is appropriate for a wild party night. You have to consider your party look according to the place and the time. Today I want to show you a gorgeous idea for a makeup design, which will make you look amazing while you dance the night away in the downtown clubs. Take a look: First of all, ... Read More »

Spring Makeup For The Warm Days

Not long ago I shared with you which are the trendy colors for the Spring and Summer of 2015. Today I want you to use that knowledge on your eye makeup. Here is one idea and I hope it will inspire you for your own design, created for the shape and the size of your eyes. You should always consider ... Read More »

Cleopatra Eyes 

Have you ever tried the double-colored liner? It makes the look more interesting and you can use it as a focus point of your makeup. As I mentioned a ‘focus point’ of your makeup, an idea came up in my mind. How about we put together a whole look only by giving suggestions and ideas. Then you will be able ... Read More »