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Simple and stylish manicure with dots on spots

Every self-respected lady wants to look nice when it comes to her appearance. And as we all know – it is not only the good hairstyle or the perfect skin of your face that make you look amazing. It is the whole picture. By learning how to take a proper care for every single detail of your body by yourself ... Read More »

How To: Tape Nail Decoration

There are many ways to decorate your nails. Today I want to show you an extremely easy way to wrap your nails into beautiful decoration. The word ‘wrap’ defines the method completely, because you will need a tape for nail decorations. So, take a look at the technique and if you like the final result, you should follow these steps. ... Read More »

Flawless Nail Art With Only One Dotting Tool

If you work with clients, you must maintain pleasant appearance and you must learn how to leave good impression, these characteristics are highly important for people who work as sellers. No matter how hard you try to deny it, the look is highly important these days. Today I want to talk about more specific detail that is highly noticeable when ... Read More »

Nail Extensions

Have you ever wondered how the nail extensions are made? Let me show you and you will be prepared for the appointment you have in the beauty salon this weekend. The sculpturing of the acrylic nail extensions is one of the best methods for making your nails longer, and more importantly – stronger. There are specific shapes, which looks like ... Read More »

Clever Trick For Removing Stubborn Nail Polish

Some of our favorite nail polishes are really stubborn when the time for the removing comes. I’m talking about the glitter nail polishes, they are the hardest to remove. But fortunately, there are two tricks that I know, which are 100% effective. The first one is the one with the cotton pieces on the nails. The technique is easy – ... Read More »

Patriotic Look

It’s not 4th of July, I know that, but can’t we express our patriotic feeling wherever we want? In fact, if you are expressing your patriotism only one day of the year, I will say that you are a fake patriot. The patriotism is a way of life, either you truly love your country, or you don’t. There is nothing ... Read More »

Picture On Your Nails

 This nail art, is for people who have at least basic skills of drawing, but if you are enthusiastic enough and doesn’t have drawing skill, you can ask someone who does, to draw the decorations for you. The base can be handled by you, only the drawings could be an obstacle. I recommend you to use matte nail polish, or ... Read More »

Feminine Nail Art

 The condition of your nails is highly important for a good impression to other people and for high self-esteem. If your nail polish is cracked, chipped and ugly, then you will feel uncomfortable when you hand shake someone; or you will hold your hands into fists in order to hide the nails while you talk with other people; you won’t ... Read More »

Trendy Color for Your Nails

We all know which is the color of 2015, right? I’ll remind you anyway – the Marsala color. It is a combination between red and brown and I love it. Today I want to show you a nail art which is created with this color. Take a look: Every nail decoration needs a good canvas in order to look properly. ... Read More »