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Extraordinary French Manicure

Step One: Prepare the nails for the decoration by shaping them with a nail file; removing the dry cuticles by exfoliating and wooden stick; applying a base coat. This procedure is necessary if you want to save the nail art last longer. And when you see the final result at the picture, I’m sure that you will want to save ... Read More »

Sparkle Nail Moons

If you want to look good, you have to take care of it from your top to the toes, literally! You can’t just rely on your gorgeous, expensive dress to gather compliments about your look. You have to prepare the hairstyle, the makeup, you have to choose the accessories according to the whole appearance. Let’s start with this detail of ... Read More »

Nail Art Masterpiece

Let’s talk about nail decorations as artistic creations. Some people think that being a manicurist is something that you do because you hadn’t succeeded in some other profession. I think that this is a stupid opinion of stupid people. The girls (and rarely boys) who work as manicurists are in fact artistic people. They create masterpieces with the peoples nails. ... Read More »

Glitter Nail Polish Remover

We all are girls and every girl love to look beautiful, no matter what she says. Often, we pay attention to every little detail of our look in order to create the perfect appearance, combined by many different details. Such a detail can be the nail art. We decorate our nails alone or we have them done at the beauty ... Read More »

Plaid Shirt Inspiration

If you wonder how to decorate your nails, just open your wardrobe and use a pattern that you like to copy it tight on your nails. Today’s inspiration is taken from a plaid shirt. Take a look at the tutorial and make sure that your drawing brush is in your hand, because you will need to use it: The most ... Read More »

How to Protect Your Nails From the Toxins in Some Products

Every woman should take good care of her nails. Of course, this does not exclude all the male representation, but their nail care starts and ends with cutting the nails, and probably filing them in the right and complementary shape for them. With women this is just one step of the long process of taking care of nails. There are ... Read More »

Beautiful Ring Finger Nail Decoration

You know that too much decorations in one place is not a classy way to choose the style of your look. Today I will show you a gorgeous decoration for your nail art, but my advice to you is to make this decoration only on one finger of a hand. Take a look at the tutorial and if you like ... Read More »

Black Frame Nail Art

The nail art is something that you should use as a flattering detail to your outfit. Today I will show you a nail art that is a little bit messy to create, but the results are stunning. Take a look: First of all, you have to file the nail into a perfect shape, because the edges of the nail will ... Read More »

Strips For Your Nails

If you want to create an interesting nail art, you have to try this one – Messy, colored strips. Take a look at the tutorial and make the design all by yourself. There is no problem if you can’t draw precisely, you won’t even need to use tape strips, because this pattern is messy. Take a look: First of all, whenever ... Read More »

Trendy Pattern For Your Nails

When you feel blue because of the chilly and rainy weather outside, you can always boost up your mood with a nice nail decoration. That’s why I wish to show you a great idea for a summer-like pattern, which will decorate perfectly  your nails. Take a look at the tutorial and follow the steps one by one: First of all, ... Read More »