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Tricks For Beautiful Nail Art

When you do your nails all by yourself, eventually, you will learn a lot of different tricks and techniques for making your nail art perfect and interesting. I want to show you a nail art, which includes in it a lot of tricks, techniques and designs. Take a look and make sure that you have some free time to make ... Read More »

Nail Art As a Summer Reminder

The Spring is here and now we are crying about the summer. Stop crying and do something to boost up your mood. How about a cheerful nail art, which will remind you of the warm summer days, the wild parties and the laughs with your girls. Meet the Watermelon Nail Art. As you can see, you will need four colors to ... Read More »

Exotic Details For Your Nails

Sometimes you wonder how to decorate your nails. You are a nail art lover, which means that most probably you already had tried almost every nail design for your nails. But don’t be desperate and miserable, if you search more deeply, you will find something to inspire you. The easiest way to find an inspiration is to look around you. ... Read More »

Messy Technique For Amazing Effect

Sometimes you have to run through the ugly street until you get to the beautiful park. The rule applies to this nail art: while  you are making it, it will get too messy, but when you clean up the mess, you will be amazed by the pure beauty of the effect. So, let me show you the mess and then, ... Read More »

Adorable & Funny Nail Art

Here is a business idea: start a home beauty salon and you will be a boss of your own. You will work as a manicurist. The great thing about that is the fact that there is no need of investment in classes about getting a degree for a manicurist. You can learn all about nails and decorations from books, blogs and ... Read More »

Inspired By The Beauty of The Nature

Did you know that in the nature, the males are way more beautiful than the females. I know that some of you will feel offended, but the facts are here to tell us the truth. I will tell you why the nature is playing this simple trick: the females have to be won by the males. The job of the male ... Read More »

Leather-Like Nail Art

I’ll tell you why I love the lazy Sunday afternoon – this is the perfect moment to pay attention to yourself and pamper  you with face mask, hair mask and nail art. Here is one example for a lazy Sunday afternoon scenario:  Let’s say that you are getting out of the shower, still cuddling in your big, fluffy gown. And while ... Read More »

Peek-a-Boo Nail Art

I’m just sick of all these long month of Winter. Ok, I love the Winter, but it’s just too much. It snows over and over again. This depressing weather makes my mood blue and I need something to boost it up. A summer reminder will do the work. I think that this nail art will work perfectly as my summer ... Read More »

Trendy Colors For Your Nail Art

The new colors for the Spring and Summer 2015 have arrived and we have to make the transition as soon as possible. Wait for your paycheck and hit the stores for the new trendy colors. If you want to save some money for the so-wanted-trip you can make that transition from winter to spring trends by the accessories and the ... Read More »

Stone Colored Nail Art

We often talk about decorations, styles, colors, and trends at all. Today I want to talk specifically about tricks. And not just any kinds of beauty tricks, but those who are helping us with the nail decorations. Take a look: If you want to save your nail art to last longer than usual, you have to do some tricks: rub the ... Read More »