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Soft & Bright Colors For Your Nails

I like to pamper myself by creating beautiful nail decorations, which are making my hands look pretty and sophisticated. Let me tell you what happened to me a month ago, it is connected with the nail art and this story will prove to you why it is so important to have pretty nails: I was taking the subway from the office ... Read More »

The Trendy Spring Colors For Your Nails

We have entered the February already and the Spring is closer than you expect. This month is short and it will fly away while you drink your morning coffee and tomorrow, when you go to the office and open your daily schedule you will be shocked: “OMG! It’s March already! How that happened?” And when March is here you will ... Read More »

Sync Your Look With The Upcoming Holiday

I don’t care if you have valentine for the St. Valentine’s day or not, but you have to use the occasion to pamper yourself with a beautiful nail art, just like this one, it’s called the ‘Kiss Me’ manicure. Take a look at the tutorial and you will see how satisfied you will feel after you create this amazing design. ... Read More »

Candy-Like Nail Art

I know that the candy colors are more appropriate for the summer, but honestly, I need a reminder of the summer. It’s too cold outside and I want the feeling of hot sand under my feet, and the warm breeze, bringing the fresh scent of the ocean, so, don’t judge me when I want to make my nail look like fresh ... Read More »

Fix A Crack In Wet Nail Polish

The nail art became a real thing these days. We care way too much about the decorations on our nails, and we often forget that the natural looking state of nails, skin and hair is way more beautiful than the “too much” effect. Today I want to discuss some beauty problems and tacky issues about your nail art and designs. ... Read More »

Neon Nail Art

Even though it is winter you can have a little piece of the summer with you. And that is, on your nails. Here is a fun manicure in neon colors and leopard print that will remind you of summer. And the best part is that it is so colorful you can match it with a lot of outfits. You will ... Read More »

Ombre Nail Art Reminder

The four seasoned countries are at a chilly place right now. The winter is here, the snow is falling and that’s kind a great, because the snow increases the Christmas mood, but when I get up early in the morning and in the bed is nice and warm, I have to go outside to catch the sub for work. Well, ... Read More »

Bright Colors For Joyful Mood

Imagine this: snowy weather, free afternoon and warm and cozy couch – what to do? My first answer is “Book & Tea”, but why don’t you first make one great nail art and while you wait the nail decoration to dry out, you can read that book we mentioned before. Check out this idea for colorful nails which will match ... Read More »

Pamper Yourself For the Holidays

We constantly show you ideas for DIY hairstyles, makeup and nail art, but sometimes we need to pamper a little bit. For instance, your nails. I decided to relax in the comfortable chair in the beauty salon, where a professional manicurist will work on my nails, and they will be fancy and shiny. Here is the design that I liked and ... Read More »

Watercoloring Nail Art

I often run out of ideas for my nail. I really enjoy doing them myself. That’s how I can really appreciate the hard work of the professionals. Also, I have that bad habit, when something goes wrong, I get really judgy and I judge the person who did that wrong thing to me, in the case of self doing manicure, the only person ... Read More »