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Picture On Your Nails

 This nail art, is for people who have at least basic skills of drawing, but if you are enthusiastic enough and doesn’t have drawing skill, you can ask someone who does, to draw the decorations for you. The base can be handled by you, only the drawings could be an obstacle. I recommend you to use matte nail polish, or ... Read More »

Boho Beach Life

The fashion trend of 2015 year is the bohemian style. I think that Coachella has a huge impact for this. No matter who is responsible for this trend, but I love it, mostly because my hair has a bohemian texture – she doesn’t listen when I tell her to stay straight or to be neatly tied into a bun – ... Read More »

What to Eat to Beautify Yourself?

Strawberries First of all we are in the season of this amazing fruit. Do you know though what it does for you? The strawberries are a natural teeth whitener. Also, they actually help your teeth not to get too much sugar stuck on them. Strawberries just fight the bacterias that make cavities. Another fact is that strawberries work in favor ... Read More »

Ombre Juicy Lips

The makeup is an essential part of every girls look and the makeup plays a huge role about a girl’s self-esteem. Here is an example: Your skin is nice and smooth and you don’t need to apply too much makeup, but you are worried about that redness on your forehead, which looks like a baby pimple. We all know how ... Read More »

Feminine Nail Art

 The condition of your nails is highly important for a good impression to other people and for high self-esteem. If your nail polish is cracked, chipped and ugly, then you will feel uncomfortable when you hand shake someone; or you will hold your hands into fists in order to hide the nails while you talk with other people; you won’t ... Read More »

Blue Dreamy Eyes

First of all, I want you to pay attention to the brows. I’m sure that you have noticed that the bottom edge is way too precise and it is noticeable that the brow is strongly colored, which is not the purpose the brows coloring. The purpose of the brows coloring is to enhance them enough so they won’t fade away ... Read More »

The Ponytail Trend

I recently read an article about the ponytails. They will be a huge trend this year among the hairstyle. There are a few types of hairstyles that you shouldn’t worry about, because they are in the list of the trends. Take a look: Sleek ponytail. The mortal enemy of the sleek ponytail is the volume. When you create this type ... Read More »

Glamorous Eye Makeup

Always start with the brow when you want to make intense and bold eye makeup design. Outline the desired shape. The easiest way to choose the proper shape of the brow according to your face is to use the brow pencil as a guideline: Put the pencil alongside the nose vertically and see where the pencil crosses the brow – ... Read More »

Braided Crown Hairstyle

 The hairstyle of a woman is extremely important for her good looking appearance. You have to take extra care of the hair, because there are many factors that can ruin her shiny texture, strength and health at all. You have to be careful with the heating irons, curling and the flat ones. Protect the hair from the heat with thermal ... Read More »