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Flattering Makeup For Bright Eyes

If you have light colored eyes, you must flatter them with the appropriate makeup design. I found something and I want to show it to you. Check it out, you will look like a Barbie doll: If you want to make it right, you have to do it properly, step by step. Start with a moisturizing cream on the face. ... Read More »

Peek-a-Boo Nail Art

I’m just sick of all these long month of Winter. Ok, I love the Winter, but it’s just too much. It snows over and over again. This depressing weather makes my mood blue and I need something to boost it up. A summer reminder will do the work. I think that this nail art will work perfectly as my summer ... Read More »

How To Relax In The Office

Sometimes your work gets a little bit tense and the best way for you to keep doing your job properly and without mistakes is to reduce the level of stress in your mind and body. There are a lot of ways to do that even without getting off the chair (but for me, the best way is to take a ... Read More »

Cute Universal Hairstyle

It is true that your hairstyle and your haircut can change the look of your face. If you don’t like certain features of your face, go to your hair stylist and ask for an advice. The hair stylists are professionals and they have learned all about types of hair, hairstyles and techniques and also, they have experience. So, trust them ... Read More »

Trendy Colors For Your Nail Art

The new colors for the Spring and Summer 2015 have arrived and we have to make the transition as soon as possible. Wait for your paycheck and hit the stores for the new trendy colors. If you want to save some money for the so-wanted-trip you can make that transition from winter to spring trends by the accessories and the ... Read More »

How to Cease Thinning Hair

We are strong supporters of the idea that beautiful appearance relies heavily on the way your hair looks. If it is clean, fresh and healthy, you will not need as much makeup or anything fancy to make you look great. On the contrary, you can leave the face as clean as possible and the clothes casual and still achieve an ... Read More »

Tips for Hair Issues

  Many girls, many problems. And the problems come bigger and a lot more when we start to talk about our hair. We deal with split ends, oily roots, lack of colors, dry hair and so on. The problem is that we want to look flawless all day, when we get out of the bad, to the moment when we ... Read More »

Soft & Colorful Smoky Makeup

 You know that it is not possible to apply any kind of makeup designs for any kind of eyes. There are some rules which will guide you through your path until you learn how to match the colors and the techniques in order to achieve an amazing look. Here are some tips: If you have almond eyes – you are ... Read More »

Stone Colored Nail Art

We often talk about decorations, styles, colors, and trends at all. Today I want to talk specifically about tricks. And not just any kinds of beauty tricks, but those who are helping us with the nail decorations. Take a look: If you want to save your nail art to last longer than usual, you have to do some tricks: rub the ... Read More »

How To Color Your Brows Permanently 

If you get too anxious about the constant shaping and filling with color your thin brows, you might find this article interesting and helpful. I’ll show you an alternative way for coloring brows, which will last at least for a month – dye your brows. One of the most harmful and easy way to color your brows is to use ... Read More »