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5 Habits That Make You Look Older

Young women should always opt to look their age. Of course you shouldn’t try to look 12, but still. We actually think that age appropriate style is kind of boring. But you should never make yourself appear 10 years or so older. When you are in your 20s that may be cool, but after a certain age the only thing ... Read More »

Fix A Crack In Wet Nail Polish

The nail art became a real thing these days. We care way too much about the decorations on our nails, and we often forget that the natural looking state of nails, skin and hair is way more beautiful than the “too much” effect. Today I want to discuss some beauty problems and tacky issues about your nail art and designs. ... Read More »

Bronze Cat Eye

If you like the brown color then you are friendly, down-to-earth and serious. Brown is the color of earth. Bronze is a metallic brown color. It is associated with bronze medals, which is given to the 3rd place winners in sports and it is the metal of artists and warriors. So if you consider yourself a strong woman warrior then ... Read More »

Leather Eyeliner

You know how trends spread among every single part of your look. The era of clothing-only is gone. Now we have to think about everything – the clothes, the accessories, the hairstyle, the nails, the makeup! A beauty responsible woman has no rest if she wants to do things the right way. And what about working girls. Do we have ... Read More »

Special Makeup For Special Night

I’m not a girl who spends too much time in front of the mirror, applying makeup on myself, but when I need to look great, I just want it to look flawless. And when you have certain wishes, you have to do anything to fulfill them, especially when we are talking about makeup. It doesn’t matter that you don’t apply ... Read More »

Tricks For Having Flawless Skin

Everybody wants good skin but unfortunately not all of us have it. Even if we have some flaws on our skin we can hide them with makeup. But it will be great if our skin is flawless and we don’t have to worry if somebody sees us without are makeup on. So, what are the things we can do to ... Read More »

Eyeshadow Basics You Should Know

When it comes to make up a ‘How to’ is a girls best friend. Every self respecting female should get to know new thign from time to time in order ot up her game for her looks and actually everything else. For example when you are cooking you probably follow a recipe. So why shouldn’t you follow one for you ... Read More »

Low Rolled up Hairstyle

Saturday night and you are planning to stay at home but suddenly your friend calls you and invites you to a party with cute guys. You have to think of a hairstyle quickly. It should be easy to do, fast and in the same time very impressive. Here is the right solution for you – a rolled up hairstyle. You ... Read More »

Great Trick for Your Lips

People are childish creatures. I thought that when I grow up I won’t be in that state of mind that I have been in my toddler years, but unfortunately, it is even worse. We are just like children when we want something. We want that think especially when some other “kid” has it. You want a dress like hers, shoes ... Read More »

Back Bun Bouffant Hair Tutorial

Some girls like do wear their hair always down. But others prefer switching it up and presenting their selves with high ponytails and buns. Having your hair up can be good, because it brings out your features and makes your cheekbones pop. I guess everyone that likes to put up their hair, probably has already tried every version of a ... Read More »