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How To Choose The Right Haircut

Hair is an essential part of the woman‘s appearance and that‘s why we take so much care of it. We trim it, dye it, add layers or extensions just to make it look better even if it already looked perfect. Because women are so picky about their hair and they pay so much attention to it, choosing a new haircut ... Read More »

The False Lashes Effect

Every girl wants to have long, full lashes that will make her eyes the center of attention. Unfortunately, it‘s very hard to have the lashes of a magazine cover‘s model without Photoshop or the popular false lashes. Even though your lashes can‘t become as long as the false ones, there are some tricks to make them look longer, thicker and ... Read More »

The Amazing Benefits of Almond Oil

Almond oil is one of the most easily accessible oils: it is found in almost every drugstore, pharmacy or online shopping site. It is obviously derived from almonds and holds lots of beauty benefits. Investing in a bottle of almond oil can be a great idea: and the good news is that it is not expensive at all! Incorporate it ... Read More »

How To Tease Your Hair The Right Way

Teasing has been one of girls‘ favorite things for decades. After they‘re ready with straightening or curling their hair, they take the teasing comb and add some volume to the locks so at the end the hair looks big, voluminous and glamorous without much effort. But we often forget that teasing can damage our hair, make it weak and fair. ... Read More »

How To Get The Perfect Eyebrows

I have said a million times that the eyebrows are the frame of the face and that‘s way is extremely important to take good care of them and regularly clean them and fill them in. Some people are born with naturally shaped eyebrows that go well with their face shape and they just have to pluck them every week so ... Read More »

Makeup Tricks Against Undereye Darkness

Don’t fool yourself that using only concealer will help you hide fully the dark areas under your eyes. They are stubborn imperfections and you have to do a little bit more than just applying a layer of concealer. There are certain trick, which will help you to hide them perfectly when you need so badly your glamorous beauty to be ... Read More »

The Secrets Of The Perfect At Home Pedicure

No matter if it‘s winter of summer and if our feet are showing or not, having a perfect pedicure is extremely important for every woman who wants to look good. But because of our daily lives we don‘t always have time to go to a beauty salon to get our nails and toenails done and that‘s why we often choose ... Read More »

4 Makeup Tricks Nobody Told You About

I am sure every woman in the world would agree if I say that applying makeup is maybe the biggest everyday struggle for the fair sex and that‘s why we need all the help we can get – tips, tricks and ideas on how to apply makeup better and faster. Because I want to make your life easier, I will ... Read More »

Tips On How To Curl Your Hair And Make It Last

Want big, voluminous hair that lasts for days? Don‘t know what you‘re doing wrong when curling your hair? Looking for advice on how to have the perfect hairstyle? Look no more! Here is the ultimate guide for the perfect curled hair! The first thing you need to know if that it all starts from the haircut. If your haircut is ... Read More »

Old School Beauty Tricks That Still Work

Taking care of the way we look  sometimes can be a struggle and that‘s why we look for different types of beauty hacks or tricks to make our lives easier and our beauty routines – faster. We know how to remove redness from the skin, hide imperfections, make different features appear smaller or larger and can find 10 different ways ... Read More »