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The Importance Of The Brows

You would ask: why is it so important to color your brows? Well, it is pretty clear why you need to shape and color your brows when you simply see the picture down below. It is obvious that the brows are too pale and thin to match the bold liner. Sometimes it is Ok to skip the coloring of the ... Read More »

Beautiful Half Updo Hairstyle

The most important thing for some of the hairstyles I know are all about the preparation and the proper texture of the hair. Sometimes even the color can play a huge role for the better look of the hairstyle. For instance, braided details look better on lighter hair. It is all about the colors. When the color of the hair ... Read More »

How To Flatter Colorful Eyes

  If you have colorful eyes, you must learn how to choose the right colors for them. The most logical suggestion is to copy the color of your eyes and transfer it to the lids, but I think that the most challenging designs are those where the color doesn’t copy perfectly the color of the eyes. There are a few ... Read More »

Strong Hair Means Beautiful Hairstyles

If your hair is strong and beautiful, every hairstyle will look good on it. That’s why I want to show you a hair mask that will nourish your hair. The ingredients are simple and I’m sure that you have them in your kitchen. Take a look at the instructions and nourish your hair with this homemade hair mask at least ... Read More »

Hairstyle For a Cute Look

No matter how old you are, sometimes the desire for a childish behavior is so strong that you need to do something about it. How about a ribbon bun? I’m sure that you remember the hairstyle from your childhood, but do you know how to make it in order to look like you have just come out of the beauty ... Read More »

The Classical Smoky Makeup

If you are a beginner at the makeup application, you have to learn a few basic makeup designs, because they are the base on which you will upgrade your skills. They are: Cat-eye liner; And smoky eye makeup design. The classical smoky eye makeup design is all black, but when you learn how to make it properly, you will be able ... Read More »

Great Hairstyle For Busy Days

Every working girl knows that the released hair is not a good choice for a hairstyle when you have a lot of tasks to do, even if you work behind a desk. Today I want to show you how to create a great hairstyle, which is important for a hairstyle to look good if you work in an office. The ... Read More »

Liner Trick For Bigger Looking Eyes

This tutorial is for girls with small sized eyes, because it contains tricks that will make the eyes look bigger. So, take a look at the steps and follow them one by one if you want to achieve such a result: Prepare the lids first. Use a primer. This product will hold the makeup right on the lids and right ... Read More »

Sassy Party Look

One of the best party looks requires the hairstyle down below. This hairstyle makes the face look longer and slimmer, which will contribute to the whole wanna-be-slim look, because every girl wants to look slimmer, no matter how thin she is. The volume at the top and the sleek sides are creating this effect of slimmer looking face. And if ... Read More »

Classy Makeup For a Fancy Occasion

When you put on your lids more products than just a liner, you are obligated to put a primer before the application of the shadows, otherwise they will smudge and fade away, which will make your makeup ugly and this could ruin your whole look. Today I want to show you elegant makeup design, which can match your look for ... Read More »