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Skin care

What to Eat to Get That Perfect Skin?

Achieving that perfect skin is about your whole attitude towards it. It is not about just doing one thing. First of all you have to keep your skin clean – remove makeup every night or use tonic, no matter make up or free of it, because the pores get clogged up with dirt. Probably having a washed and clean face ... Read More »

The Hands Are Talking

You can easily guess a woman’s age by simply looking at her hands. A lot of factors are causing aging of the hands and the skin all over the body. Often, we (women) take good care of the facial and the body skin and somehow we forget about the skin of the hands. Do you think that it automatically recovers ... Read More »

Worst Things You Can Do to Your Skin

Our skin is our largest organ, but it is so revealed and naked at times, that it is exposed to many dangers. The paradox is that one of the main dangers is indeed what we, ourselves, can do to it. Unfortunately, we tend to forget about the danger we can pose to the health of our face and do stupid ... Read More »

Keep Your Hands Soft Through The Winter

In the colder seasons our hands and lips are exposed to the cold more than anything else and they suffer a lot. We tend to forget to put lip balm or hand moisturizer and they become way to dry and sometimes we even have wounds. Turns out though that only using moisturizing products won’t do the trick for our hands. ... Read More »

Hand Care for Younger Look

Do you know that your hands can tell how old are you? I’m sure that you do, because the hands are the universal tools of a human’s body. You can’t do a simple job without the help of your hands and fingers. Also they are exposed in so many different conditions: sunlight, extreme temperatures, washing all kinds of things, grabbing ... Read More »

Seven Foods for Great Skin

Hopefully, by now you have learned that what you eat has a great impact on how you look. In fact, your whole lifestyle influences the condition of your skin. Awful habits like smoking can make it turn yellow early and make the aging process go faster. On the contrary, a healthy diet can prevent early appearance of wrinkles and give ... Read More »

How to Deal with Body Acne

Acne is a very annoying problem which is often too hard to solve. Face acne is one thing, but once it spreads on your shoulders, chest and back, you have a larger area to fight against. Some solutions offered by professionals can be very expensive, very harsh and make you go through hell. Sometimes they might not even be quite ... Read More »

How To Solve The Most Common Winter Skin Problems

Winter is maybe the season when our skin is most vulnerable and needs special care and attention. If we don‘t treat it the way they have to, the result will simply be cracked, rough skin without any shine or color on it. Because nobody wants dull and dry skin, I will share with you some tips on how to battle ... Read More »

A Guide to a Great Skincare Product: The Serum

You may already be familiar with the basic products you need to have in your skincare routine: a good moisturizer that answers your skin’s prayers, a cleanser which will keep your skin healthy and get rid of makeup and any other dirt, and UV protection whether it is found in your moisturizer or foundation. Nevertheless, hydrating, cleansing and protecting your ... Read More »

Skin Care – Prepare The Canvas

I know that you like to make yourself beautiful by using makeup products, and that’s great, but do really think that this is the best way to treat your skin and to achieve perfection? I’m sure you know that having a beautiful face isn’t only about the great foundation and gorgeous eye makeup design. Before anything else, you should prepare the ... Read More »