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What Kind of Shoes to Wear According to Your Body Type

SHoes for tall women

There are people who say that a woman’s closet is never big enough to store all shoes that she has. Well, in some or even most cases this is true. A woman can never have just one pair of shoes, it is somehow impossible, because you will also need a few pairs of shoes for the different seasons. Well, if ... Read More »

That is What You Should Know About Wearing High Heels

High heels shoes

Unfortunately, high heels can be the trickiest thing ever. They could be your best friend, but usually the case is different. Firstly, they are your worst enemy and you hate each other. But in a while things usually change. You get to know each other and then you find out that it is not that bad. Then your heels become ... Read More »

Jumpsuits, Overalls and Playsuits

There is one big trend that has been all around for the last few season including last summer. This summer it is all back on and there is a reason why. Jumpsuits, overall and playsuits are something easy to wear. Yet they are something that can be both casual, but stylish and classy. Designers have been going crazy about those ... Read More »

Are You Shopping The Wrong Way?

We women tend to shop all the time. It is kind of our therapy. But how can we not be around those beautiful clothes and accessories. Although we often come home with full shopping bags, we always have nothing to wear, no shoes to put on and no accessories. The truth is that our wardrobes are full, but we don’t ... Read More »

How To Dress Like an Italian

Buongiorno, ragazze! Have you dreamed about visiting Italy some time soon? Well, me too! The food, the people, the scenery, the atmosphere, everything looks great there. Life is just sweeter there, not to mention fun. Italians know how to enjoy life, so when tourists go on vacation there, they just do not want to go home. Well, if you are ... Read More »

What To Wear When You Go To The Beach

We are so impatient to go to the beach and to get some sun and beautiful bronze tan that we hardly think about the other outfits we are going to wear. After all, we cannot spend the whole summer with only a couple of swim suits. When you go clubbing at night you will need something more summery. Here are ... Read More »

What Kind of Jewelry to Wear This Summer

Every season is beautiful and one way to celebrate it is by dressing in the most appropriate and chic way for each season. One way we can celebrate it as well is by our accessories. We should not forget about them. Every season offers us a lot of interesting and specific accessory trends which we should not neglect if we ... Read More »

The Right Prom Dress for Your Body Shape

  What is your body shape? Straight A straight shaped body is a body where your figure is just kind of undefined. Which means that you have bust and hips that are sized the same. Also you don’t really have a waste that is defined. This is a straight body type. And don’t feel like this is bad. It actually ... Read More »