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What Kind of Jewelry to Wear This Summer

Every season is beautiful and one way to celebrate it is by dressing in the most appropriate and chic way for each season. One way we can celebrate it as well is by our accessories. We should not forget about them. Every season offers us a lot of interesting and specific accessory trends which we should not neglect if we ... Read More »

How to Fix You Outfit Problems in Minutes

Some morning are way more hectic than other. Sometimes when we rush the most, exactly then happen the biggest crises of them all. I am regarding clothes and make up. I hate those mornings and hectic times when thing happen like this. Especially in occasions that I really do love my outfit. Small problems of course make us more furious ... Read More »

Every Stylish Woman Need Scarfs

If you care enough about your style, you must wear scarfs, they are that small detail that makes one’s outfit finished and elegant. I am afraid to name the scarf an accessory, because it is more like a separate piece of clothing in my opinion. So, as long as you are reading this article I want you to think of the ... Read More »

What Should Every Girl Have in Her Purse?

So there are some necessities every girl should have in her purse. And I am not talking about lads of make and stuff you don’t really need. There are actually  only 6 things you really do need and don’t often think about. The rest is kind of optional. ID Well, this one is quite obvious why is in the list. ... Read More »

What is your personality according to your choice of watch

It has been said that you can guess a person’s individuality according to their clothes, gestures, facial features, hands. Now even your watch can tell about your personality. Watches are great because they not only tell the time but are also great accessories. There are so many types of watches like sports watches, wristwatches, casual watches, fashion watches, pocket watches, ... Read More »

New Life for Your Old Jewelry 

You know how sad it is to have your favorite jewelry damaged, or one of your favorite earrings lost. You can’t wear only one of them, because they are perfect together, unlikely some other designs of earrings who allows wearing just the one of them. But the DIY senses tell you that you can give another chance of these jewelries, you ... Read More »

Which Jewelry Pieces Look Cheap?

Jewelry is the perfect way to make a basic outfit look fancy and original. However, the wrong choice of pieces might actually play a bad role in your overall look. Most of us cannot afford very expensive jewelry which would make us stand out or look sophisticated, but we can still find great items in high-street stores at affordable prices. ... Read More »