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Latest trends

Jumpsuits, Overalls and Playsuits

There is one big trend that has been all around for the last few season including last summer. This summer it is all back on and there is a reason why. Jumpsuits, overall and playsuits are something easy to wear. Yet they are something that can be both casual, but stylish and classy. Designers have been going crazy about those ... Read More »

How To Dress Like A New Yorker

New York or the Big Apple, the city that never sleeps… A lot of things have been said about this city. And only people who have been there can feel the great atmosphere of it. But if you want to be really part of the city, then you should learn how to blend in like a true New Yorker. And ... Read More »

How Fashion is Influenced by the Internet

The Internet is so powerful nowadays, that there is not a single thing from our lives probably that has not been influenced by it. As with every other thing, the Internet has its bag and good sides. People can exchange information faster, can find information faster, can have fun, can watch the news, in short, people can do almost everything ... Read More »

9 Spring Trends That Will Blow Your Mind This Season

Maybe it is hard for you to imagine that spring is coming soon while there is still snow on the ground and the temperatures are definitely not your idea for warm weather. But fashion waits for nobody and fashion designer have already prepared their fashion collections, some of which are already in the stores. Here is what to look for ... Read More »

Brace Yourself! The Spring Trends Are Coming

Soon  you will be refreshed from the heavy winter (at some places) and your head will be full of happy thoughts about shopping, but you have to be prepared with ideas for that shopping. Don’t rely on the stores to give you the best trends. Inspire yourself with ideas right from the fashion runways. Let’s see what kind of trends ... Read More »

Fashion Resolutions for 2015

The New Year has arrived and January has almost passed. However, you still have time to set up a good list of goals for the next eleven months: it is never too late to change or improve your lifestyle! We are sure that probably most of you have made the resolution of a “healthy lifestyle”: going to the gym a ... Read More »

Fashion Spring Trend – All About White

It is still winter but spring is not so far away. Fashion designers have already prepared their spring 2015 collections and you probably are curious which are the leading trends. As every season  there are more than one trends, of course, but one of them is very interesting and bold. It is head to toe White! Yes, white, and you ... Read More »

10 Must Haves For This Season

Every winter different trends are set. Some things never expire and you can’t live through the winter without them. But there are things you can get every season to upgrade your winter wardrobe and feel amazing in. This season there are a couple of new types of clothes you can get for yourself, rather than only shop for presents for ... Read More »

Most Stylish Looks For Winter 2014

The one thing I love about winter is when it comes to makeup and fashion, is all the holiday parties I can attend and all the fun I am going to have experimenting with my look! If you also want to experiment with your look an try the hottest winter trends, here are just some of them I thought you ... Read More »