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How Coco Chanel Changed the Fashion Industry Forever

Coco Chanel is one of the greatest women icons of all times. She was a lot more than just a designer. She was a real and amazing woman in all the means of it. Coco was one of the people who changed the whole fashion world. She was the person who can be credited for the corseted silhouette. And much ... Read More »

How To Dress Like A New Yorker

New York or the Big Apple, the city that never sleeps… A lot of things have been said about this city. And only people who have been there can feel the great atmosphere of it. But if you want to be really part of the city, then you should learn how to blend in like a true New Yorker. And ... Read More »

How To Wear Your Favorite Platform Sandals

Platform sandals are great when you want to add something chic and comfortable to your summer look. You can wear them everyday, in the office, in the park, on a special event. Wearing them you will look longer and your feet won’t get tired so easily. Some people think that only because platform sandals are bigger in size, it means ... Read More »

How Fashion is Influenced by the Internet

The Internet is so powerful nowadays, that there is not a single thing from our lives probably that has not been influenced by it. As with every other thing, the Internet has its bag and good sides. People can exchange information faster, can find information faster, can have fun, can watch the news, in short, people can do almost everything ... Read More »

How to Be Super Effective Shopper – 7 Useful Tips

It is every (or at least almost every) woman’s passion to go shopping. But sometimes going shopping is a little adventure, especially if you are looking for something particular. Have you ever looked for any special type of shoes for days with no success? Well, you are not the only one. Many women have such problems. Or other times you ... Read More »

The Best Lingerie For Your Body Type

The lingerie industry is so big nowadays that you can find any item you think of, even if it dates back hundreds of years ago, for example corsets. You can find everything that you look for and probably something more. The advantage of this is that usually you may wear one kind of underwear that is comfortable, but on special ... Read More »

8 Bra Myths That You Must Stop Believing Now

Fashion created a lot of different kinds of clothes in the past that not only helped women look better but to feel comfortable as well. Bras, for example, were such an invention. They have quite a long history before they reach the design they have today. One of the first type of clothes invented to hold the bobbies in their ... Read More »

9 Spring Trends That Will Blow Your Mind This Season

Maybe it is hard for you to imagine that spring is coming soon while there is still snow on the ground and the temperatures are definitely not your idea for warm weather. But fashion waits for nobody and fashion designer have already prepared their fashion collections, some of which are already in the stores. Here is what to look for ... Read More »

Brace Yourself! The Spring Trends Are Coming

Soon  you will be refreshed from the heavy winter (at some places) and your head will be full of happy thoughts about shopping, but you have to be prepared with ideas for that shopping. Don’t rely on the stores to give you the best trends. Inspire yourself with ideas right from the fashion runways. Let’s see what kind of trends ... Read More »