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14 Curious Facts about Swimsuits

1946 – that’s the year when a woman wore two parts swimsuit for the very first time. She was a stripper. As we know what is the condition of the nudity and the morals among people these days, I decided to reveal you some curious information about the swimsuits during the years. The first prototypes of swimsuits as we know ... Read More »

How to Wear a Leather Jacket

There are a few basic pieces that all stylish women should have in their wardrobe, whatever their style is: the perfect pair of jeans, a white shirt, black pumps and, of course, the leather jacket. Leather jackets have ruled fashion trends for a few years now and there is no sign that they will be leaving the scene anytime soon. ... Read More »

How to Fix You Outfit Problems in Minutes

Some morning are way more hectic than other. Sometimes when we rush the most, exactly then happen the biggest crises of them all. I am regarding clothes and make up. I hate those mornings and hectic times when thing happen like this. Especially in occasions that I really do love my outfit. Small problems of course make us more furious ... Read More »

7 Fashion Myths Debunked

Fashion is a way to express ourselves and this is the best thing about it – we can wear whatever we like and still be fashionable (most times). This is why when somebody tells you that you should not wear a certain color with another one because they do not match, think about it twice before you change your clothes. ... Read More »

Shoes on the go for Spring/Summer

The winter is almost over and we can’t be happier. Transitioning from winter can be hard sometimes, but it is amazing to start wearing lighter clothes. And with spring and summer we also totally change the shoes that we are wearing. Different women like different type of shoes. But one thing that all women like is the comfort and the ... Read More »

How to Choose The Best shoes For Your Feet

Women love to buy shoes. They go shoe shopping so often that at one point they do not have enough space to store them. Some women even have a whole closet for shoes, just remember Carrie Bradshaw and her millions of pairs of shoes. Sometimes, however, no matter how much we like some of the shoes we have bought, we ... Read More »

Every Stylish Woman Need Scarfs

If you care enough about your style, you must wear scarfs, they are that small detail that makes one’s outfit finished and elegant. I am afraid to name the scarf an accessory, because it is more like a separate piece of clothing in my opinion. So, as long as you are reading this article I want you to think of the ... Read More »

Five Must-Have Fashion Pieces for Spring

Even though Valentine’s Day has just passed, we are already leaving behind the classy, elegant and romantic outfits we had been preparing and we are looking forward to the new fashion season. The excitement that has started to overtake us can be overcome in a few steps. First of all, take a look at current trends: they are spectacular this ... Read More »

What Should Every Girl Have in Her Purse?

So there are some necessities every girl should have in her purse. And I am not talking about lads of make and stuff you don’t really need. There are actually  only 6 things you really do need and don’t often think about. The rest is kind of optional. ID Well, this one is quite obvious why is in the list. ... Read More »