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Fashion Mistakes You’d Better Not Make

At some moment of her life, every girl is keen on fashion and trends, which increases the chance of making different mistake, especially if she is new in the world of fashion. I want to show you some basic mistakes that are commonly made when the girls overact about their look and outfit. I know you love the gorgeous brands, ... Read More »

Street Style Trends

Every year, especially around Fashion Weeks, people tend to get new style inspirations trough street style pictures. Street style is an amazingly huge and diverse universe. I say universe, because this is how big that business is. So new trends and new ideas how to wear and what to wear come all from the street style. So 2015 recently came ... Read More »

5 Short Girls Shopping Problems

Short girls have both advantages and disadvantages. Sometimes a girl can be so short that when she goes to the bank the guard tells her to come back when she is 18 years old (and she actually is 25). Some people in the public transport tend not to notice short people and even step over them. On the other hand, ... Read More »

Can You Cope With Wearing These 10 Insane High Heels

Some people say that pain is beauty but sometimes high fashion has so crazy ideas that we start asking ourselves whether fashion is worth the pain. You probably have seen a lot of shocking designers’ decisions but now we give 10 more and in the end of the article think about if you can cope with wearing these high heels ... Read More »

The Perfect Colors For Brunettes

The fight between brunettes and blondes is almost as old as the world. There have been T-shirts and competitions and everything you can imagine under the lines “Brunettes do it better!” or “Blondes do it better”. And the battle has never been settled. What is though the priority of the brunettes? We can rock almost any color, whereas blondes have ... Read More »

Ways to Wear Leggings and Look Stylish

The leggings trend reappeared on the scene a few years ago and ever since it has definitely gone through a lot of changes. There are so many questions related to the way we wear them. Can prints flatter your figure? Can they be worn as pants or not? Should they cover your bottom? How elegant are they and can they ... Read More »

White Shirt? Why Not!

White shirts are the inevitable classic. They are appropriate for work, leisure, beach, travel – basically anything. You must just find your right fit and you will be rocking it in no time! There are a couple of types of white shirts – fitted, oversized, boyfriends, tunic. Probably many more. But those are enough. One can never have too many ... Read More »

Signs that You Are a Shopping Addict

There is one type of therapy that every woman can practice at every time, as long as she has just a little cash to spend and that is shopping. Whether it is clothes, shoes, jewelry, cosmetics, etc., there is a special type of pleasure in picking an item and taking it home with you. Our weird consumer passion can take ... Read More »

Fashion Resolutions for 2015

The New Year has arrived and January has almost passed. However, you still have time to set up a good list of goals for the next eleven months: it is never too late to change or improve your lifestyle! We are sure that probably most of you have made the resolution of a “healthy lifestyle”: going to the gym a ... Read More »

Fashion Spring Trend – All About White

It is still winter but spring is not so far away. Fashion designers have already prepared their spring 2015 collections and you probably are curious which are the leading trends. As every season  there are more than one trends, of course, but one of them is very interesting and bold. It is head to toe White! Yes, white, and you ... Read More »