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Is Your Bra The Right One?

After recent researches it turns out that over 80% of the women in the world are wearing the wrong bra for them. Most women don’t know how to choose a bra and have never actually thought about how it should be done. It is hard to find the right one if you don’t know what you are searching for. So ... Read More »

Facts About Shoes That Will Blow Your Mind

In general women love shoes. We usually tend to look at other women’s shoes or celebs and imagine having them all. We love pairing a great outfit with different styles of shoes – heels, platforms, boots, sandals, ballerinas and many more. Shops are filled with different styles and prices range. Different women – different shoes. One thing though is for ... Read More »

The Winter Dress

There is one piece of clothing that suits every woman and that’s the dress! A dress can make your body slimmer and taller, enhance your waist and give your look an elegant and feminine feel. Some women think that dresses are more appropriate for spring and summer, than fall and winter because they don’t really keep you warm and are ... Read More »

What is your personality according to your choice of watch

It has been said that you can guess a person’s individuality according to their clothes, gestures, facial features, hands. Now even your watch can tell about your personality. Watches are great because they not only tell the time but are also great accessories. There are so many types of watches like sports watches, wristwatches, casual watches, fashion watches, pocket watches, ... Read More »

Choice of Jeans in Accordance With the Type Figure

Jeans are the most versatile garment. Both men and women love to wear them. They are suitable for both everyday life and to go to a luxurious party or occasion. The most interesting thing about jeans is that they were made to be worn by men while working, as for the ladies, they appeared much later in their wardrobes. Nowadays, ... Read More »

What to Wear to Make Your Eyes Pop

All of us in the feminine world are different. There is a whole diversity of women with different body shapes, skin colors, hair colored and eye colors. We all like various of stuff. And that is normal. If all of the people were the same, there would be no point in meeting anyone new or doing whatsoever. So with that ... Read More »

10 Must Haves For This Season

Every winter different trends are set. Some things never expire and you can’t live through the winter without them. But there are things you can get every season to upgrade your winter wardrobe and feel amazing in. This season there are a couple of new types of clothes you can get for yourself, rather than only shop for presents for ... Read More »

How To Wear Black

You can never go wrong with black. Black is the color of fashion, style and good taste. It‘s relatively easy to style and it looks good on everyone – and the best part is that it visually makes you look slimmer which is something all girls want! For people who are just getting into fashion and can‘t find their style ... Read More »

New Life for Your Old Jewelry 

You know how sad it is to have your favorite jewelry damaged, or one of your favorite earrings lost. You can’t wear only one of them, because they are perfect together, unlikely some other designs of earrings who allows wearing just the one of them. But the DIY senses tell you that you can give another chance of these jewelries, you ... Read More »

Most Stylish Looks For Winter 2014

The one thing I love about winter is when it comes to makeup and fashion, is all the holiday parties I can attend and all the fun I am going to have experimenting with my look! If you also want to experiment with your look an try the hottest winter trends, here are just some of them I thought you ... Read More »