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3 Fashion Trends in Bags for Autumn-Winter 2014/2015

For the new fashion season, the fashion designers have created bags in plenty of styles, colors, materials and decorations that will satisfy the most discerning tastes. Along with the classic black and white colors, the bags in brown, beige, gray, various shades of blue, or dark emerald green and red are the hits of autumn / winter 2014. The bag ... Read More »

What To Wear On New Year‘s Eve

New Year‘s Eve is only three weeks away and it‘s time to decide on what to wear! Choosing what to wear on New Year‘s Eve is hard and it depends on many things – where are you going, with whom, is it indoors or outdoors, what‘s the weather like. Because of all that I feel that you can use some ... Read More »

7 fashion trends in hats for autumn – winter 2014

Trends in hats for autumn / winter 2014 are so diverse and so incredible that they’ll make you change your attitude towards this useful but not particularly most loved accessory. Hats for the winter months of 2014 will not only keep you warm but also will add that chic and good mood to your outfits. The more variations hats have ... Read More »

5 Trends For Winter 2014

My favorite season is finally here and I can‘t wait to start wearing all of my winter coats and boots! For me, winter is the season when you can show your style and experiment with patterns, colors and layers the most and that‘s why when winter time comes, I don‘t miss following the new trends and using the designers‘ new ... Read More »

How to Make Your Wardrobe More Grown-Up After College

Graduation can be a very scary time period in one’s life: they need to abandon the duties of a student and the casual lifestyle they have been maintaining for a few years, and enter the “grown-up world” where words like salary, income, tax and career are not just a myth. Figuring out your future life is a hard task, but as ... Read More »

How To Style Your Winter Coat

Winter is finally here and we can finally start wearing our favorite winter coats and boots. For me, when it comes to fashion winter if the season where I can show my sense of fashion to the others because of all the ways I can mix, max, combine and layer my favorite clothing pieces. And one of those pieces is ... Read More »

Which Jewelry Pieces Look Cheap?

Jewelry is the perfect way to make a basic outfit look fancy and original. However, the wrong choice of pieces might actually play a bad role in your overall look. Most of us cannot afford very expensive jewelry which would make us stand out or look sophisticated, but we can still find great items in high-street stores at affordable prices. ... Read More »