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What Kind of Shoes to Wear According to Your Body Type

SHoes for tall women

There are people who say that a woman’s closet is never big enough to store all shoes that she has. Well, in some or even most cases this is true. A woman can never have just one pair of shoes, it is somehow impossible, because you will also need a few pairs of shoes for the different seasons. Well, if ... Read More »

That is What You Should Know About Wearing High Heels

High heels shoes

Unfortunately, high heels can be the trickiest thing ever. They could be your best friend, but usually the case is different. Firstly, they are your worst enemy and you hate each other. But in a while things usually change. You get to know each other and then you find out that it is not that bad. Then your heels become ... Read More »

Shoes on the go for Spring/Summer

The winter is almost over and we can’t be happier. Transitioning from winter can be hard sometimes, but it is amazing to start wearing lighter clothes. And with spring and summer we also totally change the shoes that we are wearing. Different women like different type of shoes. But one thing that all women like is the comfort and the ... Read More »

How to Choose The Best shoes For Your Feet

Women love to buy shoes. They go shoe shopping so often that at one point they do not have enough space to store them. Some women even have a whole closet for shoes, just remember Carrie Bradshaw and her millions of pairs of shoes. Sometimes, however, no matter how much we like some of the shoes we have bought, we ... Read More »

Can You Cope With Wearing These 10 Insane High Heels

Some people say that pain is beauty but sometimes high fashion has so crazy ideas that we start asking ourselves whether fashion is worth the pain. You probably have seen a lot of shocking designers’ decisions but now we give 10 more and in the end of the article think about if you can cope with wearing these high heels ... Read More »

Facts About Shoes That Will Blow Your Mind

In general women love shoes. We usually tend to look at other women’s shoes or celebs and imagine having them all. We love pairing a great outfit with different styles of shoes – heels, platforms, boots, sandals, ballerinas and many more. Shops are filled with different styles and prices range. Different women – different shoes. One thing though is for ... Read More »